Attestation UAE

Attestation is one of the most vital aspects for the verification and authentication of any document. UAE attestation would be required in Educational certificates, Marriage Certificate, Birth certificate etc.

The applicants thus have to first attest their document at the concerned State Government, then to Ministry of External Affairs (govt India) UAE Embassy in India.

United Arab Emirates is a country of seven emirates Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, Umm Al-Quaiwain, Ras Al-Khaimah, Fujairah. UAE is the fast growing country as compared to other nations. There are large number of employment for the job seeker. It provides the employment to the candidates of different nations. There are large number of employees working in UAE and they all are belong to the different countries. Millions of Indian People are working in the country. Employment could be educational and non educational. For educational employment , educational certificates need to be authenticate from the home country then it can be used in the UAE. Certificate attestation means the particular documents are genuine and issued from the state of the country. The attestation could be Notary, Home Department, HRD, Ministry of external affairs, Embassy. Embassy is considered as the final point of the attestation process. It is a long time procedure and it may be harmful if your documents handover to wrong hand. Documents need to get attestation from HRD/Notary Home department. Remember HRD only attest educational documents. Government of each state posted the officer to do this job. In some state HRD is known as General Administration Department (GAD). After this documents have to submitted in the Ministry of external affairs for attestation. Finally it would be attested from the Embassy.

There are many firm or agent doing this job. But handover the documents to any agent without knowledge may create problem or it may become the reason of Life Ban. Beware of the fake attestation and choose the right one.