Oman Apostille

Apostille is a type of attestation process in which documents are sealed to get legalized into a particular format. Apostille services in Oman, provides certificate to verify the seal and signature of the person who handled the document.

The nodal ministry of apostille of documents is the Ministry of External Affairs. Apostille or attestation of documents from ministry of external affairs is acceptable in those countries which are a member of Hague Convention. It is acceptable in 92 countries.

The legalized apostilles are mainly done for commercial documents, adoption case documents, official documents, court documents, land documents, personal documents like birth certificates attestation, marriage certificates attestation, death certificates attestation, power of attorney attestation etc. and documents on education like certificates of secondary level, degree, diploma and matriculation types.

An apostille stamp is there which has a unique identification number which is manufactured uniquely from the computer. This is for checking the authenticity of apostille online by any country which is member of Hague Convention.

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