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Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is essential for different needs. New India attestation provides this document which ensures that he/she is not evolved in any criminal records or not evolved with the police and thus get a police clearance certificate.

PCC is essential for applying for visa, for employment screening, for volunteer works, for appearance in the court, for citizenship, for vocational positions. Police certificate is very much essential to prove ones identity and gives a proof of their clearance from police cases.

To apply for police clearance certificate you must have four passport sized photographs, downloaded form and identity card. The form should be filled with needed requirements. Photographs should be pasted in the form. A certain fee will be charged for this.

PCC will only be complete and valuable if it is attested. We provide police clearance certificate with attestation. Validity of certificate may or may not be specified on the certificate. Certificates are independent of validity and dates.