If you are planning to admit your kids in a school that is located abroad, it is mandatory to attest the birth certificate. The attestation of the birth certificate establishes the originality of the date of birth. The attestation first needs to be done in the state from where it was issued, followed by authentication by the ministry of external affairs and finally by the embassy of the country in which the applicant is seeking admission. At New India Attestation, we ensure a hassle free attestation.

Similarly, if you want a job in a foreign land, it is necessary to attest your degree certificate. In case of degree certificate, the original certificate has to be authenticated first by the country in which it was issued and then in the country where you are seeking employment. Even in case of seeking higher education abroad, it is important to attest your degree certificate. It is a process to ensure the validity of the degree. The documents that you need to furnish to authenticate your degree certificate are your birth certificate, passport, visa and all academic certificates.

At the same time, if you are looking for a family visa it is mandatory to attest your marriage certificate. Unless you do so your family does not get the permission to stay in a foreign land. In case of marriage certificate the first attestation happens in the country where the marriage had taken place and secondly in the country in which you are seeking a family visa. However, countries have different criteria to apply for a family visa in terms of income.

If you feel that getting your necessary documents authenticated all by yourself can be quite difficult. In that case there is no reason to worry, we at New India attestation will take the complete responsibility on us of authenticating your documents without any . However, while you choose an agency to attest your documents you need to be careful. It is recommended to opt for service providers who have been in the industry for quite some time and have the requisite experience to expedite the process of attestation.