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Transfer Certificate Attestation is the demonstration of seeing a Transfer endorsement by approved individual/people/Departments/experts with their official seal and mark. This verification likewise affirms that, the predetermined Transfer authentication has been issued by that specified division and Seal and mark on that specific Transfer School declaration is genuine. Attestation business in Qatar involves large number of transfer certificate attestation, because many people get transferred to Qatar.

Transfer Certificate Attestation should be possible from the issued nation of the authentication. For utilizing the degree endorsement, testament ought to be bore witness to from concerned HRD/MEA and comparing Embassy of the nation to which the authentication holder intends to go.


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Things To Know About Transfer Certificate Attestation In Qatar

Once you’ve successfully completed a certain level of education in any Institute or university, you’re now all set to go to the next place to pursue your higher education. And yet sometimes it could be a little emotionally heartbreaking to say goodbye to all the staff whom you drove crazy at one point. Not to mention your friends and the endless memories you guys created. Now that you finally graduated, you will be handed a transfer certificate so as to continue the next level of education elsewhere.

But what if you were planning to pursue your higher studies in a Gulf country like Qatar. No doubt that you would get the best educational facilities there. But the question is whether you’ve met all the required criteria to apply for the same. And we aren’t talking about the marks. What is taken into account is whether your transfer certificates are attested or not?


Let’s talk about the importance of getting your transfer certificates attested.

What is a transfer certificate?

A transfer certificate is specifically a formal letter provided by the school authority to its student to acknowledge the fact that the student of that particular institution has successfully completed his/her education in the institution.

The Transfer Certificate is also known by terms like TC, Conduct Certificate and Leaving certificate, etc.

What is a transfer certificate?

A Transfer certificate is an official record provided by an educational institution and includes details like –

  • Name of the student
  • Admission number of the school
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Admission
  • Date of leaving
  • Classes studied
  • Board of Examination
  • Reason for Leaving
  • Character and conduct
  • Recognition from the Principal

    The Transfer Certificate Attestation

    The transfer certificate attestation is a mandatory requirement as per the UAE ministry of education law in order to secure an admission of a student in any school or University in the UAE. A student must thereby have his/her transfer certificate attested before seeking/apply for an admission in an educational institution.

    This is necessary as only an attested transfer certificate can offer the validity of the previous institute the studied has studied in.

    According to the International Law, all transfer certificates issued from different nations can only be verified after undergoing the mandatory document attestation procedure.


    Reasons for getting a Transfer Certificate Attestation

    1. The primary reason to get a transfer certificate attested is to secure an admission in any educational institute in Qatar.
    2. It is also required to verify the qualification of the student.
    3. In some cases, the transfer certificate attestation is a mandatory requirement for employment purposes.

    What are the requirements for the transfer certificate attestation process –

    The following documents are needed as per the transfer certificate attestation requirements-

    • Original transfer certificate
    • Passport copy
    • Authorization Letter
    • Passport size photos

    The Transfer Certificate Attestation Procedure

    State Home Department Attestation: The authentication of certificates from the state is performed by the State Home Department. Depending on the requirements the certificate authentication process may also take place in the State Home Department(SHD), Human Resource Department and the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM).

    Ministry of External Affairs: The Ministry of External Affairs or MEA is the final level of Authentication from the Home Government after which an MEA stamp is applied to the document. The MEA is the central department that deals with the foreign matters of the country.

    Embassy Attestation: This is carried out by the officials of the respective country where the documents are being attested.

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs(Qatar): The final attestation process is carried out through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Why you should attest to the certificates early?

    Before submitting the transfer certificates to the concerned University or Institution in Qatar, you need to make sure that the certificate has been successfully attested. Because if you don’t, the certificates may even get rejected, if it hasn’t been verified.

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