Affidavit Certificate Attestation in UAE

Affidavit is a written statement that is made under oath and made voluntarily, without coercion. And by signing it , you assert the information that the certificate hold is true and you have complete knowledge about the facts contained in the affidavit. Also, you state that if called into the court regarding the information provided in the affidavit, you are competent to testify it. It means that you are mentally in sound position and over the age of majority to declare your oath. Affidavits are used for many purposes. Usually they are filed with the court to prove that the information contained is true. Sometimes the document may require to officially sign by an attorney, so that you do not need to appear in the court. It is mandatory for many judicial proceedings as well as for private uses like in banks and moving abroad, also it calls for the need of attestation. If the information in the affidavit is found wrong, the holder is technically violating the law that may be punished with fine or even imprisonment for committing perjury. Perjury is a legal term that means you have lied under oath. Though you do not communicate in person but via an affidavit, being truthful to the court is vital. It should be signed before the taker of oaths or the notary to make your affidavit valid to be used anywhere.

Authentication of affidavits are important if you are planning to move abroad for job, employment or any other purposes. There has been lots of people who travel abroad for the last decades, so it is has become compulsory to get your documents attested before you go. If there is any faults in attestation procedures, your permission to enter the country would be denied. In order to travel to another country you are required to apply visa, which will be issued only after the officials verify your documents. So, attestation is an important procedure before you go to some other country. If you prefer to take your family along with you, it is important to get your marriage certificate attested and the birth certificate of your kids. Attestation is the process of checking the authenticity of your document and declaring its validity by attaching with relevant seal and signature of the designated officer. The process verifies that the document was issued from a legitimate authority and that the seal and signature imprinted are genuine. Now we will see the documents required for affidavit attestation for UAE:

  • Original affidavit certificate
  • Photocopy of the affidavit certificate
  • Photocopy of Passport
  • Colour Photographs
  • Address Proofs

Attestation of documents are done in different levels and the attestation procedures involve;

  • Notary Department

Every certificate attestation for UAE start with the compulsory attestation by Notary. You can get the authentication from Notary who verifies the genuinity of the affidavit by remitting a certain amount as fees. After notary attestation the affidavit is submitted to the home department.

  • Home Department Attestation

Home department attestation is the next step after notary attestation. The designated officer verifies the authentication of the affidavit and verifies that it has been attested by a notary to prove its credibility. Afterwards, it is forwarded to the Ministry of External Affairs for further attestation.

  • Ministry of External Affairs Attestation

MEA attestation is mandatory before you leave your mother country and use the affidavit in another country. The department verifies that the certificate issued by the state in India is original and the document is credible for further attestation procedures. Every educational, non-educational and commercial documents undergoes final verification for its content and genuinity by the MEA of India.

  • UAE Embassy Attestation

When the affidavit is attested by MEA of the country you belong to, it is submitted to UAE Embassy. The duty of UAE Embassy is to make the document legalized and check for MOFA before it grands Visa for the certificate holder.

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