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Apostille Services in Saudi Arabia

It is more important than ever to navigate the worldwide areas of document legalization and our specialized services are made to make this process easy to handle. Our committed team will make sure your documents satisfy the international standards necessary for acceptance across participating Hague Convention countries, whether you need an apostille for business, legal or educational certificates. We are your go-to partner for enabling an easy Apostille process in Saudi Arabia because we have a thorough awareness of the local laws and a track record of accuracy and speed.

Document Apostille for Saudi Arabia

A certified notary public must first notarize a document before it may be apostilled in Saudi Arabia. Submit the notarized document for authentication to the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs after that. After you have been verified, go to the designated authority that is in charge of providing the Hague Apostille. You will obtain the Apostille certificate, which attests to the legitimacy of your document and allows it to be used internationally, once you have finished the required processes. It’s crucial to confirm the exact requirements of the destination nation; if necessary, translate documents or apply for further authorization at the consulate or embassy of the nation of destination.

New India

New India is the best option if you want your documents to be recognized internationally in Saudi Arabia with ease. First, get notarization from a notary public with a license, then have the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs authenticate it. Because of New India’s expertise with these procedures, the authenticity of your document will be verified quickly and precisely. After verification, proceed to the authorized body in charge of approving the document for global distribution. Our committed staff is available to help you at every stage, making sure that your documents easily satisfy international requirements.

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