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Kuwait Police Clearance Certificate

Kuwait, a Muslim country, imposes specific legal procedures and jurisdictions on its citizens as well as foreigners, and a PCC is a sort of legal certificate provided to residents to attest that the individual has not committed any criminal offenses in the country.

A police clearance certificate is also known as a good contact certificate, a good citizen certificate, judicial extracts, a PCC, and other titles. Every PCC has a certain validity period that is determined by the issuing nation. In layman’s terms, PCC is the result of a person’s previous behavior. In Kuwait, PCCs are issued by the police department; however, government authorities are occasionally in charge of them

Documents Required to Obtain Kuwait PCC

  • Fingerprints-Attested by Kuwait Embassy
  • Request a letter from the Embassy of the country where you intend to relocate. 
  • Passport copy
  • Kuwait Residence page copy
  • 2 Blue Background color Passport Size photo (Recent)

A police clearance certificate is an official legal document that must be obtained through many legal procedures. Before issuing a police clearance certificate, the appropriate Kuwait authority would examine all of our previous movements to confirm that the individual was not involved in any unlawful activity in the nation. Nowadays, every country needs a Police clearance certificate in order to safeguard their country from illicit actions. PCC is utilized in every aspect of foreign policy.

Some general purposes of obtaining Kuwait PCC

  • Job/Employment purposes
  • Migration purposes
  • Residence visa purposes
  • Higher study purposes, etc.
  • Business purposes

Applicants for PCC must be at least eighteen years old. Proving that the applicant doesn’t do any damaging activities that are against the interests of the country is the main objective of the police clearance certificate. Similar to other countries, Kuwait severely prohibits entry for anybody without a valid passport. Kuwait PCC is a real and sincere document with high significance in other nations.

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