World Education Service

WES stands for World Education Services, a non-profit organization created in 1974. WES evaluates the educational credentials of residents and immigrants in order to improve international education. WES is an international organization that accredits the educational credentials of residents and immigrants in the United States and Canada, allowing them to meet their personal and professional demands.

WES is a respectable organization that gives legal certification to all educational diplomas, allowing the document to be legally validated in the intended nation of use. It offers prompt and thorough assistance to brilliant individuals planning to migrate to the United States or Canada. WES is a meadow of opportunity for talented workers and a portal to your requirements. WES promotes global mobility by recognising international education. WES certification enables individuals to properly utilize their educational credentials to meet their needs.

Unless you have finished your education from Canadian or American schools or colleges, the World Education Service (WES) assessment is required for immigration to the United States and Canada. New India’s Credential review Services aid students, immigrants, and job seekers in migrating to, working, studying, or doing business in Canada or the United States by assisting with World Education Services (WES) review processes. Some of the general objectives for which we provide WES services in Qatar are

  • Business purpose
  • Job/Employment purpose
  • Migration purpose
  • Higher Education purpose
  • Permanent Residence Visa purpose

Obtaining attestation for Canada and US immigration from New India is made as straightforward, easy, and secure as feasible. Our Credential Evaluation Service serves as a liaison between the university and the candidate seeking World Education Services (WES) Canada and US verification.

Qatar Credential Evaluation Services

WES services in Qatar are provided through an all-inclusive method of processing, carefully authenticating your vital educational credentials, and issuing attestation for Canada and US immigration. New India Attestation Services guarantees the completion of your Credential Evaluation Services on schedule and that the competencies for your educational achievements are reached.

New India Attestation is a well-established organization that certifies papers and evaluates credentials for those seeking to work or study in Canada or the United States.

We provide exceptional services for Canadian and US immigration credential examinations, attestation, and certificate verification.

Steps Involved in Credential Evaluation Process for WES

1. Create an application and obtain your WES reference number:

  • Create an account on the WES website.
  • Choose the type of evaluation you need (Like, immigration, licensing, or education).
  • Enter your personal information and academic background details.
  • Pay the application fee and receive your unique WES reference number

2. Send in your required documents:

  • Review the list of documents needed for your specific evaluation type and country/territory.
  • Ensure all documents are official and issued by recognized institutions.
  • Send your documents directly from the issuing institutions or authorized sources (preferred) or by mail with your WES reference number clearly marked.
  • Track the status of your document transmission online in your WES account.

3. WES verifies and evaluates your credentials:

  • Once WES receives all required documents, they verify their authenticity and completeness.
  • Education specialists analyze your transcripts, diplomas, and course descriptions.
  • Your credentials are compared to the education system of the target country/territory (e.g., Canada or USA).

4. WES creates and delivers your report:

  • If everything is in order, WES generates a detailed report within 7 business days (35 days for Canadian immigration).
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