How To Attest Degree Certificate in Qatar?

How To Attest Degree Certificate in Qatar?

Qatar considered being one of the richest countries in the middle east also one of the most desirable job locations for Indians. Around 1 million Indians are working in Qatar currently is also allowed free visiting visa for Indians during Qatar- Middle East issues. However, Indian still need to attest necessary certificate for a permanent working visa in Qatar. However, things are much easier now as Indians can travel to Qatar without any visa process and can look for a job and apply for a working visa there. In the other case, already working employees can also do certificate attestation from Qatar itself by approaching trustworthy Indian Certificate Attestation Services. So, here from this blog you came to know more about how to attest degree certificate in Qatar.

Educational certificate attestation is something most of the middle east countries require for verifying the person’s genuinity and identity from their country. Qatar government just like other middle east countries ask for education certificate for attestation. There are 2 kinds of certificate attestation done and here we will describe the process of attestation.

What is a Degree Certificate Attestation?

Degree certificate attestation is nothing but the educational certificate attestation. Qatar prefers to have educated people as employees and that brings more and more people with good education level try for a job in Qatar. Since most of the employment seekers have degree certificate, educational certificate attestation also called as degree certificate attestation.

Here are the 2 ways Educational Certification Attestation is done,

  • Educational Certificate Attestation without State HRD.
  • Educational Certificate Attestation with State HRD.

Educational Certificate Without State HRD

An educational certificate can also be attested without state HRD attestation. Hence the process of attesting degree certificate will be slightly different from the normal process. Here are the initial requirements for Indian degree certificate attestation and how to attest degree certificate.

    1. Original Certificate

Original certificate of your highest degree of education. This certificate is important since This certificate is the base for attestation

    1. Passport Copy

Copy of your passport to show your Indian Identity.

    1. Final Year Mark List

Final Mark sheet of your highest degree education. Your original certificate and this mark sheet copy should align well.

    1. Bonafide Letter from the College(Regular or Full Time is mandatory)

Bonafide letter from college to show that course is completed as the regular course or not

    1. Qatar ID copy/ Work Visa

For the employees working in Qatar or for the Qatar citizens

    1. If on Visit Visa, Offer letter and Joining letter is mandatory

Those who are on Visiting visa, Offer letter or Joining letter is mandatory. Since these letters can act as a valid document for attestation request reason.

For the attestation, above listed documents are mandatory to process the certificate attestation request. Once the documents are arranged, we can begin with attestation services.

    • Notary Attestation

First and initial step of how to attest degree certificate after the document arrangement is to do the notary attestation. This can be done from Mumbai since this attestation need not to be done from State home department. Once the attestation is done, we can proceed to the Indian home Department for further attestation.

    • Home Department Attestation

Once the certificate is notarized, the home department can be approached for the next level of document attestation. This can be done in Mumbai and can process with the attestation by MEA. However, This attestation can only perform at New Delhi.

    • Attestation by Ministry of External Affairs

Attestation by Ministry of External Affairs, also known as MEA attestation is the next step after Home department attestation as per attestation procedure. They check the details and official verification done by the home department as a validation and perform attestation process to process it further. However, Since Qatar is not in the Hague Convention Countries, Seal arrangement will not be done at MEA. This process will only be performed at MOFA attestation.

    • Attestation from Indian Embassy, Qatar

As per Certificate Attestation Procedure, once the certificate attested by MEA on behalf of the Indian government, Qatar Embassy will proceed with the further process. They will check the document and attestations for validation and attest the certificate on their behalf. As mentioned earlier, Embassy is not responsible for Seal and that will be performed after the verification from Ministry of Foreign Affairs for attesting it from there and seal the stamp to make the document valid in Qatar.

    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Qatar)

Also known as MOFA certificate attestation is a verification process from the host country. MOFA attestation mostly performed in middle east countries as an extra precaution. Based on the comments and attestations of officials from India and embassy verification, Qatar foreign affair officer will check the certificate and attest the certificate based on the validation and genuinity. This is the final step in the educational certificate attestation procedure.


Educational Certificate Attestation with State HRD

Educational Certificate Attestation with State HRD is slightly different from the above-mentioned process and much-simplified process. Here is the detailed process of how to attest degree certificate.

Mandatory Document required are provided below.

  1. Original certificate
  2. Passport Copy
  3. Final Year Mark List
  4. Bonafide Letter from the College(Regular or Full Time is mandatory)
  5. Qatar ID copy/ Work Visa
  6. If on Visit Visa, Offer letter and Joining letter is mandatory

Mentioned documents are required for Educational certificate attestation with State/HRD. However, the same documents are needed for attestation without State/HRD. Once all the certificates are arranged, we can begin with the attestation process.

    • HRD Attestation

Degree certificate can be attested from HRD attestation which is the main difference from earlier certificate attestation. Document holder can submit the certificate at the home department of the corresponding state and home department will send it to the education department to check the certificate genuinity. Once the verification has done, they will send it back to Home department with their detail report. If the certificate found genuine and credible, Home department will attest the certificate from their end. Upon completing the certificate attestation, the same document will send to MEA for Attesting the document on behalf of India.

    • Attestation by Ministry of External Affairs

Once the HRD certificate attested from State level, they will send the document to MEA for final verification and attestation from India level. MEA will check the Engineering Certificate Attestation and report provided by the state department for the final validation and will attest the certificate on behalf of Indian Government. Upon declaring the certificate is valid and genuine from India level, it will be sending out to Qatar Embassy for their attestation.

    • Attestation from Indian Embassy

Once it is attested from MEA, India, the certificate will send to Indian Embassy in Qatar for embassy attestation. The embassy will check the certificate attestations and authority declaration in terms of sign and comment to validate the credibility of the certificate. Once all factors are checked, Embassy will perform the attestation and send the document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    • Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Attestation

Also Known as MOFA Attestation, Qatar foreign affair ministry will receive the document after the Indian Embassy Attestation. MOFA will check the credibility of the certificate through attestations done on the certificate. After the validation of the certificate, MOFA will declare the document is valid for Qatar and attest the document along with their official seal.

Attestation procedure is time-consuming and problematic for a common person to perform it within days and with perfection. If you are going to apply and follow up on this process all alone, you will find many obstacles and a high amount of time going to waste during the process. For such government Certificate Attestation Requirements it is better to consult Certificate Attestation Companies for Fast Attestation Services. This will save your valuable time and energy. We, New India Attestation provide Urgent Certificate Attestation and Fast Certificate Attestation with reasonable Attestation Charges is one of the Best Attestation Services in GCC region. Being considered as one of the Professional Attestation Services in GCC, we offer a different kind of attestation services in different GCC countries.



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