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Birth Certificate Apostille in Oman

Oman is a country in the Middle-East, which attracts numerous people from around the world in search of a job. When you visit Oman as a foreigner, you must present certain certificates as evidence of your identity. Birth certificate is such a significant document that you should have in your hand. A Birth certificate is significant proof of your identity. The birth certificate shows your birth, place of birth, date of birth, citizenship, and parentage.

Though certificates are enough to prove your claims, their attestation is instrumental for official purposes. In Oman Apostille is the process equivalent to the attestation process. Apostille attestation is a simple procedure that involves the fixation of an apostille stamp on the certificate to establish the credibility of the certificate. Once the certificate is apostilled the certificate need not follow verification. Apostille attestation is followed by countries party to the Hague Convention.

In 1961, an international treaty was signed after the agreement by the Hague Conference on Private International Law. This Hague Convention has helped to do away with the need for legal validation of foreign public documents or certificates. This enabled the apostille procedure performed in the home country to be legally valid for official purposes in the foreign land. Oman is the only GCC country member of this Hague Convention.

Documents Required for Birth Certificate Attestation in Oman

Before the attestation of certificates, the authorities demand certain documents for verification. Only after a thorough scrutiny of the certificates the certificates are authenticated and attested. This is mandatory for the attestation of all certificates. The Birth Certificate Attestation in Oman requires the submission of:

  • Original Certificate
  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy
  • Authorization Letter

Importance of Birth Certificate Attestation in Oman

Specific attested certificates are required to be submitted to authorities for different purposes. Among the different documents that are demanded, the birth certificate is one of the most important documents. This certificate is proof of your identity, nationality, age, parentage and significant other details.

Birth certificates may have all the required details that are essential for the procedures. However, only certificates are not enough. The certificates should be authenticated. If the certificate is to be accepted by the officials in Oman, it should undergo attestation.

Whether the birth certificate is used for getting into a job or joining an educational institute for further studies, attestation is mandatory.

  • To pursue higher education
  • To get a resident visa
  • To obtain a job
  • For marriage purposes
  • For acquiring a family visa
  • For Migration purposes
  • For university admission

Procedure For Birth Certificate Attestation in Oman

Attestation in Oman follows a standard procedure. This starts with the attestation by notaries, and follows the attestation by the Home Department, MEA Apostille, and finally ends with the Embassy Attestation.

Attestation starts at the regional level with the attestation by a notary. This is the preliminary level. For educational documents, the attestation is performed by universities.The commercial documents are attested to by the Chamber of Commerce.

Attestation by the Home Department is the second step in the attestation process after the Notary Attestation. The State Home Department, Human Resource department, or Sub-Divisional Magistrate conducts this level of attestation.

The Ministry of External Affairs handles the external affairs associated with a country. So, it has a vital role in the Oman apostille process. At the MEA level, usually the process can be both attestation or apostille.

This is the last and final step in the attestation process. Here, the document apostilled by the MEA is further authenticated by the Embassy.


Time required for Birth Certificate Attestation in Oman

Like any attestation procedure, the birth certificate attestation takes nearly one week. The time may vary according to the efficiency of the individuals involved in the procedure. If the offices conducting attestation requests find several requests, they may take extra time to complete the process. In certain cases, the attestation procedure may take even one month.

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