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Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE

If you wish to visit the UAE for education, employment or any other purpose, a birth certificate is one of the personal documents that you need to keep with you. Birth certificate is an essential document to prove your identity. It includes significant personal information such as the place and date of birth, gender and citizenship of the certificate holder.

Attestation is an essential requirement when using relevant documents for official purposes, regardless of the country of use. In the case of a birth certificate, its attestation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) holds utmost significance.

The attestation process for the birth certificate involves meticulous verification procedures conducted at various levels, both in the home country and the destination country. The document undergoes authentication by affixing an official stamp or seal from the appropriate department or ministry involved.

Birth certificate attestation in UAE follows a rigorous certification process establishing credibility and enabling it to be used internationally.

Documents Needed for Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE

Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE requires certain important documents to be submitted before the authorities. These documents are:

Original Certificate:
If you need your birth certificate attested, you must submit your original birth certificate. It is the fundamental document.

Passport Copy:

A copy of the passport with specific pages needs to be submitted.

Visa Copy:
You must furnish the copy of your visa for birth certificate attestation in UAE, if you are a resident of UAE.

Authorization Letter:
If you are not present during the process and you want someone to represent you, then an authorization letter should be submitted. Using this another person can act on your behalf and the attestation procedure can be conducted smoothly. For birth certificate attestation in UAE, you are required to present some additional documents demanded by the authorities.

Why should you attest your Birth Certificates in UAE?

Birth certificate attestation is a crucial requirement for employment, higher education, and immigration procedures due to its worldwide recognition as a valid proof of vital personal details. The attestation process plays a significant role in verifying the authenticity and legality of your certificate, thus preventing any document frauds.

It is essential to note that even children of non-UAE nationals born or raised in the UAE must undergo the birth certificate attestation procedure. This attestation holds great significance in facilitating a range of important processes, including but not limited to the following:

  • For higher education
  • For Migration purposes
  • For employment purposes
  • For marriage purposes
  • For resident visa
  • For admission into universities or colleges abroad
  • For family visa

Procedure For Birth Certificate Attestation IN UAE

Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE follows multiple verification processes at different levels by respective authorities. As Birth certificate is a personal document it follows an attestation process similar to other personal document attestation procedures. Different steps involved in the Birth certificate attestation procedure are given below. 

In the beginning stage, the certificates undergo the attestation procedure facilitated by local notaries, who possess the legal mandate to authenticate documents.

The State Home Department holds the official capacity to attest any document falling within the personal category. In certain instances, the Sub-Divisional Magistrate may also certify the documents instead of the State Home Department.

After receiving attestation from the HRD, the certificate must undergo further attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) which solely manages all affairs related to the country’s external matters. MEA holds a crucial role in the attestation process as it carefully examines the certificates and affirms their authenticity by applying its official stamp.

Once the MEA attestation is completed, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Embassy proceeds with the subsequent level of certification process. In several nations the attestation process concludes with this step.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is responsible for conducting the final step of the attestation process, also referred to as MOFA attestation.

Time required for Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE

The timeframe for attesting a birth certificate in the UAE may vary, depending on the specific document being attested. Factors such as the office’s workload and the efficiency of the officers can also impact the overall processing time. On average, the attestation process can take approximately two weeks. However, by following the proper attestation guidelines, it is possible to complete the birth certificate attestation within a shorter time frame of 3 to 4 days.

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