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Birth Certificate Attestation in Qatar

A birth certificate is one of the most important personal documents that is useful while you travel to Qatar. Key personal information such as the place of birth, date of birth, gender and nationality of the certificate holder is mentioned in this document. Though this certificate is of immense importance, if you want to use it in Qatar you need to attest the certificate first.

Attestation is a mandatory procedure to follow if you want to use any relevant documents for official purposes, regardless of the country where you intend to use them. As a birth certificate is important in establishing relevant personal information, Birth certificate attestation in Qatar is of utmost importance.

The process of attestation of the Birth certificate involves verifying the authenticity of the document following strict verification processes at multiple levels in the home and destination country. The document is certified by pasting an official stamp or seal on the document from the concerned department or ministry.

This process of birth certificate attestation in Qatar follows step-by-step meticulous processes as per the international standards and it provides the document with the required credibility to use it in a foreign country.

Documents Needed for Birth Certificate Attestation in Qatar

Birth Certificate Attestation in Qatar demands certain relevant documents to be presented before the authorities. These include:

The basic document required for the birth certificate attestation in Qatar is the original birth certificate itself.

A passport copy including the relevant pages must be submitted for the attestation of the birth certificate.

If you are a resident of Qatar, you need to present your visa copy while applying for birth certificate attestation in Qatar.

 By providing an authorization letter, while you are absent, you can authorize another person to act on your behalf during the certificate attestation process.  An authorization letter from your end is required for this.

For birth certificate attestation in Qatar, you need to submit your photographs and contact information too.

Why should you attest your Birth Certificates in Qatar?

Since the Birth Certificate is internationally used as proof of important personal information, its attestation is necessary for the job, higher studies and migration purposes. This process is important to ensure that your certificate is not forged and is legally valid.

Children of foreigners born or brought up in Qatar are also required to have their birth certificates attested. Birth certificate attestation in Qatar can be instrumental in various processes. These are:

  • For higher education
  • For Migration purposes
  • For employment purposes
  • For marriage purposes
  • For resident visa
  • For admission into universities or colleges abroad
  • For family visa

Procedure For Birth Certificate Attestation

Birth Certificate Attestation in Qatar follows a series of verification processes at multiple levels by concerned authorities of the origin country and Qatar. The attestation of Birth certificate follows an attestation process similar to other personal document attestation processes. The steps involved in the Birth certificate attestation procedure include:

During the initial level, the certificates go through the attestation process by local notaries. Notaries hold the legal authority to carry out the authentication process for documents.

The State Home Department has the official authority to attest any document that falls under the personal category. The Sub-Divisional Magistrate also certifies the documents instead of the State Home Department in specific cases.

After the attestation done by the HRD, the certificate has to be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs. MEA exclusively handles all matters related to the country’s external affairs. MEA has an indisputably important part to play in the process of attestation. After thoroughly verifying the certificates, the MEA validates the authenticity of the documents by pasting its stamp on the document.

After MEA attestation the Qatari Embassy conducts the next level of certification process. In most countries, the embassy attestation process ends with this step.

The final step of the attestation process is conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is also known as MOFA attestation.

Time required for Birth Certificate Attestation in Qatar

The time required for the birth certificate attestation procedure may vary depending on the document to be attested. Additionally, the time required will be influenced by the workload of the office and the efficiency of the officers. Generally, the attestation might take anywhere around two weeks. However, going through proper attestation, the birth certificate attestation in Qatar may be completed within 3 to 4 days. For timely completion of the process, educate yourself with the attestation procedure before beginning it.

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