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Birth Certificate Attestation

Birth marks an important event and the details pertaining to it are relevant in different legal proceedings. This is one of the essential personal documents which acts as proof of key personal information. Attestation of birth certificates plays an important role when you travel to a foreign land. Significant personal details such as your gender, nationality, date of birth, place of birth, etc are confirmed using an attested birth certificate.

Attestation is a significant procedure for the acceptance of a document in a foreign nation for official purposes. A birth certificate is no different. It goes through a series of stringent verification processes warranting thorough checking by different officials and departments to attain international recognition.

Documents required for Birth Certificate Attestation

Attestation of Birth Certificates requires the submission of certain documents. These are:

The primary document that needs to be submitted is the original birth certificate issued by the respective authority in your home country.

You need to furnish your passport copy, with the pages showing your personal information.

If you are a resident of the destination country, you need to provide a copy of your visa while applying for attestation of birth certificate.

Under unavoidable circumstances, you can authorize another person to present or act on your behalf during the attestation process. You need to provide an authorization letter for this.

You need to submit your photographs and contact information too.

Why should you attest your Birth Certificates?

As Birth Certificate is internationally used as age proof, its attestation is necessary for purposes such as education, job and migration purposes. Attestation guarantees that your certificate is not forged and is legally valid.

Attestation is required for all expatriates’ children brought into and born in the country. It helps in immigration purposes as well. It is essential to procure a residential visa in the country.

There are several other reasons to get your Birth certificate attested. These are:

  • For Employment purposes
  • For higher education
  • For resident visa
  • For family visa
  • For admission into educational institutions abroad
  • For Migration purposes
  • For marriage purposes

Procedure For Birth Certificate Attestation

Attestation of Birth Certificates includes a series of verification processes by multiple authorities of origin and destination countries.

Birth Certificate follows an attestation process similar to any other personal document. The steps involved in the Birth certificate attestation procedure.

During the initial level, the certificates undergo attestation by the local notaries. Notaries are authorities legally authorized to perform the authentication of documents.

Being a personal document, the Birth Certificate warrants attestation by the State Home Department. The Sub-Divisional Magistrate also verifies the documents in certain cases on behalf of the State Home Department.

As the Ministry of External Affairs manages all matters pertaining to the nation’s external affairs, it has an instrumental role in the attestation process. After the attestation by the HRD, MEA undertakes the process. Upon satisfactory verification, MEA pastes a stamp on your document.

After MEA attestation the Embassy of the target country carries out further certification processes. In most countries, the attestation process ends with this step.

The attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the last step in the process, it is known as MOFA attestation.

Time required for Birth Certificate Attestation

The duration of the attestation procedure varies depending on the type of document you want to attest.The time required will also be determined by how busy the office is. It may take some time if there are several attestation applications. We assure you to expedite the entire process and deliver the certificates. We can deliver a birth certificate attestation within 3/4 days.

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