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Birth certificate is a very important document, which specifies the date of birth of a person. The birth certificates need to be attested for employment purposes. Moreover, these attested birth certificates are required when a person goes to some foreign country abroad for further studies. We make sure to provide these certificates to the clients within the committed time frame.

The Attestation of Birth Certificates is the act of witnessing a birth certificate by authorized person/persons/Departments/authorities with their official seal and signature. This attestation also confirms that, the specified birth certificate has been issued by that mentioned department and Seal and signature on that particular birth certificate is authentic.

A Birth certificate is an official record of the date and place of a person’s birth, usually including the names of the parents. Attestation on Birth Certificate is needed for applying for a Family Visa. Attestation of Birth Certificates is required for getting the Visa from Gulf Countries also like UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi and almost all countries across the world.

HRD attestation from India is not required on birth certificates. Birth Certificate Attestation required for almost all the Countries in the world to obtain family Visa. We can do GAD / Home Ministry / Home Department, Mantralaya, Secretariat Attestation and Notary Attestation, MEA \96 Ministry of External Affairs, Embassy or Consulate Attestation and MOFA attestation for all Birth Certificates from the State Government’s Departments and Foreign Embassies.


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Why should the Birth certificate be attested?

Isn’t the birth certificate enough and even if it is necessary, how to attest birth certificate? These questions probably linger around the mind of parents who are probably planning to go overseas with their child. We will tell you exactly why a birth certificate attestation is mandatory when traveling to another country.

The Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is the most important and foremost record of any individual. It not only specifies the birth of a child but also recognizes the child as a member of a family.

The Birth Certificate Attestation

The Birth certificate attestation is like an official affirmation and comes under the category of non-educational certificate attestation. The birth certificate is a vital strategy required for individuals are still below 18 years of age.

The Indian Birth certificate attestation or moreover any kind of attested birth certificate contains all the important details regarding the child’s identity like the name, place of birth, gender, date of birth and parentage (the name of the child’s guardians).

Birth certificate attestation

The attestation procedure of the birth certificate is done as a way of legalizing the birth certificate by an international embassy authority. This is done by the embassy attaching their sal on the certificate in order to make or verify the immigrant birth certificate as legitimate is a foreign country.

The 2 important documents required to apply for a birth certificate attestation are:

Original Birth Certificate
Passport copy

Why is There a Need for Birth Certificate Attestation

The birth certificate attestation is of utmost importance in each global field. It is a step for obtaining a dependent visa from the destination embassy. This particular procedure will also improve the noticeable quality of the certificate in the specific nation.

The birth certificate is considered as the main record of each individual which certifies the conditions of the individual’s birth. The certificate will also record important specifications in regard to with the infant along with their parentage.

By enrolling in the government birth certificate, the infant is recognized as an individual of a particular community. Moreover, this will also confirm their identity A birth certificate can be the most fundamental and primary certificate of each person. While an official certificate is provided after the confirmation of a qualified doctor.

However, utilizing your birth certificate past the limits of your nation of origin isn’t a simple process. In order to do that, you’ll need to verify your birth certificate from the concerned nation’s international embassy where you plan on utilizing your document. This visa will also allow the children of parents working abroad to fly with them.

The birth certificate attestation will also help the dependents of an individual who is a permanent resident or citizen of a foreign country as it will offer the person assistance to join with them. The certification is usually needed for children.

The dependent visa is mandatory for as well as children of people who are either working or studying abroad. Simply put this attestation is an international strategy utilized to find the value of the migrant’s certificates

Reasons For The Birth Certificate Attestation

The birth certificate attestation serves as an obligatory technique for acquiring all the previously mentioned requirements. This will also make an individual’s travel quick without facing any other lawful results.

A Birth certificate attestation will help the immigration authorities to determine the official age of the individual.

This particular affirmation method also increases the estimation of your birth certificate. It is the destination embassy office who is the concerned expert of providing this particular confirmation.
They will confirm the validity of the birth certificate by attaching their seal on the record. This makes the certificate credible and real.

Attestation procedure and formalities will rely on the issuing nation.

The birth certificate attestation is an essential category of non-educational affirmation. However, it is utilized most commonly in the international education field. In the present situation, each nation asks for this lawful affirmation from minor people in order to find the reliability of the record.

Finally, the international embassy authorities will completely verify the reality of the certificate before giving this accreditation

Process of the Birth Certificate Attestation

Notary Attestation

The Certification is first performed by the notary before any other procedure. It is acquired from the local notary, done in the form of a signature & a stamp. The notary is the most fundamental necessity of any legislature related certification procedure.

Home Department Attestation

All personal documents verification is carried out by the State Home Department. It includes the marriage certificate, death certificate as well as the birth certificate. The home department is exceptional to performing legalization for the personal documents and the authorities hired are the only ones who have the permission to attest these documents or go forward with the document attestation procedure.

SDM Attestation

The SDM or sub-divisional magistrate is a variant for the Home Department & in some cases the HRD as well. But some authorities strictly required HRD attestation for all educational documents. The SDM is autonomous of the main state govt and performs individually.

Birth certificate attestation

MEA stamp

The MEA or Ministry of External Affairs is the final level of legalization from the govt after which the MEA stamp is stamped on the document. The MEA is the central organization that deals with foreign affairs of the country.

Embassy Attestation

It is carried out by the officials of a particular country whose documents are being certified for. It is the final stage of the certification in most countries right after the Ministry of external affairs.

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