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Attestation of Experience Certificates is the act of witnessing an Experience certificate by authorized person / persons / Departments / authorities with their official seal and signature. This attestation also confirms that, the specified experience certificate has been issued by that mentioned department and Seal and signature on that particular Experience certificate is authentic.

Experience Certificate Attestation can be done from the issued country of the certificate. For using the degree certificate, certificate should be attested from concerned Home department/MEA & corresponding Embassy of the country to which the certificate holder plans to go.

We can complete all the process whatever it may be whether attestation even the certificate holder is not there in the Issuing country.


  • Original Certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Visa Copy
  • 2 Photographs
  • Authorization letter


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Experience Certificate Attestation Requirements

Do you wish to root your career in another country? Then you might know the importance of your educational documents and other relevant documents. Among them, an experience certificate is essential for you to show your skill level and the activities you have done in the industry for those many years to the company you apply to in any country, whether in India or abroad. An experience certificate is issued by the employer to the current or ex-employee. This certificate is inevitable when you apply for a new job because it is a priority letter where you get more chance to get into a job that you have applied if you have relevant work experience in the field. The certificate may contain the candidate’s individual strengths, the time period of the employee worked in the company as the described job position on the official letter head of the company. In reputed organizations, the HR head is the one who issue this to every employee who relieves from the company. While submitting this in another company of some country, the certificate must be authenticated by designated officials. Only after the experience certificate attestation, it become valid to be used by the candidate for seeking a job.

Now let us know in detail about the term ‘attestation’. This is the act of witnessing the credibility of the documents that has been issued from a particular state or authority with the official seal and signature. This process certifies that the document was issued from a legitimate authority and that the seal and signature imprinted are original. There are different levels of attestation for each of the document. After the base attestation the candidate is asked to provide the same to the competent authority of the country he plan to go for further processing. Experience certificate attestation is mandatory for those applicants who is about to travel abroad for employment, spouse migration, permanent migration, etc. This certificate falls under personal document that has to be attested initially from the issued country. The document is first attested by the Home Department of your state and them by the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi. After MEA attestation, the experience certificate must be authenticated by the corresponding Embassy of the visiting nation.


There are certain documents that must be submitted while applying for experience certificate attestation, they are:

  • Passport copy
  • Original certificate
  • Visa copy
  • Authorisation letter
  • Employment details
  • 2 Passport size photographs

The attested experience certificate represents genuine detail information of service tenure of the holder with his/her employer to the company you submit this document. Attestation has become this important because there was a time where you could get into a job by submitting the original experience certificate. But then, people started to make fake certificates to hire them for the job which, in the long run will get caught due to lack of skills. This was happening in every corner of the world and then this authentication process came into existence. Most countries have made it compulsory to use only the attested documents in their country by a foreigner who seek job, persuade for studies or set up a business.

For some countries, it is not attestation, but Apostille agreement. This is an international pact summarized by the Hague Conference. This makes it possible for a document issued from a signatory country can be authenticated for legal purposes in all other signatory countries. This certification is called apostille which is an international certification that is equivalent to the notarization in domestic law. The designated authorities of apostille certification includes the Ministries, Embassies, Courts and local governments. It is good to rely on some apostille services if you plan to go to a country that is a member of the Hague Convention.

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