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Death Certificate Apostille in Oman

Death Certificate is a vital document that is required to be apostilled for visits to Oman. This certificate is an official record of the death of an individual. This document is essential to produce if a person is no more but his presence is required for legal proceedings. From financial reasons to legal matters, death certificate attestation is important for all matters. 

This certificate is released by a relevant authority to officially announce the death of an individual. The name of the deceased person, place, date and reason for death are also written in this.

Documents Required for Death Certificate Attestation in Oman

Authorities verify certain certificates before they follow with the attestation of the death certificate. Applicants are required to submit certain documents for the successful attestation of the Death Certificate. The documents required for Death Certificate attestation in Oman are:

  • Original death certificate
  • Passport copy

You may also be required to present your photos, contact details and additional documents as demanded by the authorities.

Importance of Death Certificate Attestation in Oman

Attestation of the Death Certificate is necessary and it can be used in several official situations. Whether it is for financial purposes or legal reasons, Death Certificate Attestation in Oman is of prime importance. With an attested Death Certificate in hand, officials can proceed with processes which originally require the presence of the dead person.

This process is essential for the foreign countries to establish the authenticity of the certificate. This is required to do away with any kind of forgery of documents and makes the processes smooth. Death certificate attestation in Oman has many purposes to serve. This is helpful in claiming insurance benefits.

If dependents of a dead person are surviving and they want to get the death benefits, attestation of the death certificate is essential. To use the property of the dead person in a foreign country, his/her attested death certificate is required. Only after establishing the death of a person, his property can be dealt with in a foreign country.

If someone wants to get remarried and his/her spouse is already dead then that person requires the attested death certificate of the spouse. Without a properly attested death certificate you cannot carry the cremated remains from a foreign nation.

Procedure for Death Certificate Attestation in Oman

Death Certificate is a personal document and its attestation follows rigorous certification by different authorities. This procedure starts at the regional level with notary attestation and followed by Home Department attestation, MEA attestation and finally concludes with Embassy attestation.

This is the preliminary level of attestation. This is done by the local notaries. Notaries are government authorities who can attest to the genuineness of documents. If educational documents are to be attested then university issuing it can do that. However, if commercial documents are to be attested then the Chamber of commerce can do that. 

After the preliminary level of attestation by the local notaries, the Home department can conduct the attestation. State Home Department, Human Resource Department and Sub-Divisional Magistrate can carry out this level of attestation.

The Ministry of External Affairs also known as MEA has a key role in performing attestation. After the Home Department Attestation, MEA performs attestation. As Oman is a member of the Hague Convention it follows Apostille attestation. 


Apostille attestation is the simple process followed by countries that signed the Hague convention as part of their document attestation process. Almost 106 countries currently follow Apostille attestation.

The last step of the attestation process is Embassy attestation. For Oman, the certificates are attested by the Oman Embassy.

Time required for Death Certificate Attestation in Oman

Every document requires some time for attestation. Most certificates are attested within a span of a week. The death certificate attestation for Oman also requires the same duration if no impediments come in the way. With difficulty in the midst of the process, the attestation may take even a month.

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