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Death Certificate Attestation in UAE

A death certificate is a significant document certified by an authorized medical practitioner that officially announces the death of a person. This is a necessary document to legally recognize the death of a person. If the dependents want to claim financial and insurance benefits this is a mandatory document.

Several personal information regarding the dead person is contained in this document such as the name of the deceased, the reason for death, the date of birth and date of death. This certificate is instrumental if the deceased requires to be present during a legal proceeding.

It is undeniable that the death certificate holds significant value for various official matters. However, its validity and recognition outside the country of issuance can be questioned unless it undergoes a vital procedure known as Death Certificate Attestation. This obligatory process, applicable to non-educational certificates, ensures unlocking death-related benefits in foreign jurisdictions.

The death certificate undergoes meticulous examination by official authorities who authenticate it with an official seal and signature. This essential step enhances the document’s reliability and allows it to be accepted internationally.

Documents Needed for Death Certificate Attestation in UAE

Certain certificates are required for death certificate attestation in UAE. These include:

  • Original death certificate
  • Passport copy

You must submit a few photographs and supporting documents as per the demand of the authorities.

Significance of Death Certificate Attestation in UAE

This document holds utmost importance as it serves as a legal confirmation of an individual’s demise. The certificate of death is required in several legal proceedings, such as immigration, property inheritance, and the settlement of dues. Moreover, it plays a significant role in claiming financial benefits associated with insurance and death benefits.

In the case of a deceased individual’s property being utilized in a foreign nation, it becomes imperative for the deceased’s family to furnish an attested death certificate. This step ensures the establishment of the death before any further actions are taken.

The death certificate holds paramount importance in acquiring various financial benefits for the deceased individual’s dependents. Specifically, countries like UAE mandate the submission of attested death certificates to grant benefits to surviving family members. Furthermore, this document is indispensable for updating marital status and facilitating the process of remarriage.

Undeniably, death certificate attestation in UAE is crucial when it comes to transporting cremated remains across different countries. By undergoing this procedure, all relevant jurisdictions acknowledge the authenticity of the death certificate, ensuring smooth and hassle-free processes.

Procedure for Death Certificate Attestation in UAE

As death Certificate is a non educational document, it goes through the similar attestation process as that of any other non educational document. It begins at regional level with the attestation by notaries and concludes with the MOFA Attestation in UAE.

The initial level of attestation for the death certificate is carried out by a public notary in order to verify its authenticity. This involves verifying the signature, seal, and stamp of the issuing authority. This attestation is conducted at the regional level.

After the notarization process, the death certificate is presented to the Home Department of the relevant state for further examination and attestation at the subsequent level.

After being certified by the Home Department, the death certificate undergoes a transfer to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for its next stage of attestation. The MEA thoroughly examines the document and, only when fully satisfied, proceeds to affix the MEA stamp and seal.

The final phase of attesting the Death Certificate in the UAE involves submitting it to the UAE embassy for further attestation. This attestation step validates the death certificate for official and legal purposes in the country where it will be utilized.

The final phase of the death certificate attestation process in the UAE involves MOFA Attestation, which refers to the authentication by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). In certain instances where the death certificate is not in Arabic, a certified translation might be necessary.

Time required for Death Certificate Attestation in UAE

The process of attesting death certificates in the UAE generally takes approximately one to two weeks. Nevertheless, the duration may differ depending on the specific type of certificate you seek to attest, as well as the destination country for which the attestation is required. During peak seasons when offices and officials are engaged with a high volume of tasks, the certificate attestation process might experience some delays.

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