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Degree Certificate Attestation In Oman

These days Graduation is the minimum qualification every recruiter asks for. With three years of college study, you can acquire minimum knowledge and expertise in any subject. This qualification can be used to earn a job that pays you well. If you want to get into a job in Oman, your degree certificate is a mandatory requirement. A degree certificate is essential to continue your higher education too.

Degree certificate may be an important document, however, it won’t be accepted if you want to use it for official purposes in a foreign country. A foreign nation wants to be sure of your identity and qualifications before accepting them. To establish the genuineness of your certificate, attestation is a mandatory procedure. With thorough step-by-step verification processes, the degree certificate meets the required legal validity to be used for formal purposes.

Types of Degree Certificate attestation in Oman

The degree certificate is an educational document issued by recognized universities. There are different kinds of degree certificates based on the course chosen. All of them require attestation to use in Oman:

  • B.Sc Certificate attestation
  • BA Certificate attestation
  • BCA Certificate attestation
  • BBA Certificate attestation
  • B.ComCertificate attestation
  • B.Tech Certificate attestation

Importance of Degree Certificate Attestation in Oman

An attested degree certificate has great significance. It can be employed for many purposes. To earn a good job in Oman, an attested degree certificate is the primary need. Degree Certificates can also be used for continuing higher education.

There are several details included in your degree certificate. These include the name of the student, the course pursued, the name of the university or college offering the degree, the duration and year of study, and the marks obtained. 

Process of Degree Certificate attestation in Oman

As with any other certificate attestation procedure, degree certificate attestation in Oman follows a definite standard process. At the primary level, attestation starts with local notaries. Notaries are government appointed officials authorized to perform attestation. For educational documents, it is the university that certifies the documents. For commercial documents, the Chamber of Commerce conducts the attestation at this level. After the completion of the notary attestation, the state-level attestation follows. 

Once the notary attestation is completed, the next level of authentication is done at the State level. The State Home Department, Human Resources Department, and Sub-divisional Magistrate deal with the State level Attestation. Sub-divisional Magistrate is an independent authority and functions separately from the Home Department. For attestation purposes, certain cases are handed over to the Sub-divisional Magistrate.

Next to the State level Attestation, the documents are forwarded to the Ministry of External Affairs for further processing. MEA is the authority to manage and handle all of the external affairs of a country. So, it has a vital role to play in the attestation process. Though MEA Attestation is part of the attestation performed for every country, it is differentiated into two. These are Normal Attestation and Apostille Attestation. 

Apostille Attestation is followed by the Hague Convention countries. Oman is one such country. With Apostille Attestation, a foreign document does not need any further certification for usage abroad. 

Attestation after MEA level is to be performed by the Embassy. The Omani Embassy conducts this last level of attestation for Oman. With this, the attestation is concluded and the certificate is ready to use for official purposes.

Documents Needed for Degree Certificate attestation in Oman

All attestation processes require the submission of certain important documents. These are basic documents for the verification process. For degree Certificate attestation in Oman, the authorities demand certain documents too. These are

  • Degree Certificate
  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy
Time taken for Degree Certificate attestation in Oman

A certain time is needed for any kind of attestation process. This is the same with the degree certificate attestation process. Generally, the attestation takes around a week to complete. If there are any difficulties faced or any impediments occur, the procedure may take extra time even extending the process by a month. 

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