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Degree Certificate Attestation in Qatar

Successful completion of graduation requires years of hard work, dedication, and significant effort. After successfully managing the demanding coursework, examinations, practicals, assignments, and projects, you are finally granted the degree certificate. However, is possessing a degree certificate sufficient if you aspire to pursue further studies or work in Qatar? As you are here, you must already know the answer.

To use the certificate in the educational or professional domain while you are a migrant in Qatar, requires you to go through the meticulous process of attestation. Attestation is essential as it ensures the credibility of the certificate. With the degree certificate attestation in Qatar, the certificate acquires the necessary guarantee that it is issued by an official authority and can be used for official purposes

Types of Degree Certificate attestation in Qatar

Three kinds of documents undergo attestation. These consist of business documents, non-educational certifications, and educational certificates. A degree certificate falls under the group of educational certificates.

Some of the various types of degree certificates necessitating attestation include:

Purposes of Degree certificate attestation

Recruiters must review your certificates to validate your qualifications. If you are seeking a job in Qatar, the submission of attested certificates is mandatory to assure the authenticity of your degree. This process notably improves the prospects of securing employment abroad.

The process of attesting degree certificates imparts the necessary recognition and ensures their authenticity through a series of attestation procedures. Consequently, these certificates become legally valid and gain international acceptance.

In numerous countries including Qatar, the attestation of degree certificates is a compulsory requirement for securing a visa. Whether one is applying for a work visa, student visa, or seeking permanent residency, undergoing the degree certificate attestation in Qatar is imperative.

In multiple domains, such as engineering, medicine, and technical domain acquiring a professional license or certification often requires verifying one’s academic credentials. This vital procedure serves a twofold objective: it serves as tangible evidence of your eligibility by confirming the possession of the necessary qualifications, as well as a formal endorsement of your competence to actively participate in your selected vocation.

Procedure for Degree Certificate Attestation in Qatar

The procedure of degree certificate attestation in Qatar is similar to the attestation of any other educational certificate. Here are the steps involved in the degree certificate attestation process:

At the regional level, degree certificate attestation in Qatar begins with the government notaries ensuring the document’s authenticity. In the case of degree certificates, this responsibility generally lies with the issuing universities.

Once the notary level verification is complete, the degree certificate proceeds to the state level for validation. The Human Resource Department (HRD), State Home Department (SHD), and Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) play crucial roles in this stage. After successful verification, these departments and their designated officials provide their signature and seal to attest to the certificate.

MEA offers two types of attestation depending on whether the destination country is a party to the Hague Convention or not. Normal attestation requires the placement of a stamp on the back of the certificate, while apostille attestation involves affixing both a stamp and an apostille sticker. The responsibility for the final attestation of the documents’ origin country lies with the External Affairs Ministry.

In certain cases, the Embassy of the destination country may conduct further validation of the documents. In this step, the embassy of Qatar carefully scrutinizes the documents.

The final stage in the document attestation process for nations like Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is known as MOFA attestation. This crucial step is compulsory for these countries to validate the use of documents. MOFA attestation is an essential requirement for obtaining a work permit or seeking admission to overseas universities.

In cases where your certificates are not in Arabic, you may be requested to translate them to proceed with the degree certificate attestation in Qatar.

Documents for Degree Certificate Attestation in Qatar
  • Original degree certificate
  • Mark list
  • Passport
Time Involved in Degree Certificate Attestation in Qatar

The duration of the certificate attestation process differs based on the nature of the document to be attested. Additionally, the timeframe is subject to the workload of the office. In case of a high volume of attestation applications, the procedure may take a considerable amount of time. However, by utilizing the services of New India Attestation, you can significantly minimize the processing time. Generally, the degree certificate attestation in Qatar can be accomplished within one week.

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