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Degree Certificate Attestation in UAE

Degree certificates are important in every field and their attestation is equally important. Without the degree certificate attestation, you cannot proceed to apply for higher studies or jobs in the UAE.

Different types of Degree Certificate attestation in UAE

Generally, the documents that undergo attestation fall under three categories. These are commercial documents, educational documents, and non-educational documents. The degree certificate is an educational document.

Different degree certificates that generally require attestation are:

  • B.Sc Certificate attestation
  • B.ComCertificate attestation
  • BA Certificate attestation
  • BCA Certificate attestation
  • B.Tech Certificate attestation
  • BBA Certificate attestation

Purposes of Degree certificate attestation in UAE

Like any other certificate, the attestation of a degree certificate serves different purposes. From education to employment, it aids in different fields.

While applying for a job, recruiters look for skills and capabilities. Your certificates showcase your qualifications. With properly attested documents you can support your claims. This is essential in attracting better job opportunities.

To obtain a visa in UAE, the attestation of educational documents including degree certificates is essential. Degree certificate attestation is mandatory to apply for a work visa, student visa, or permanent residency in UAE.

Verifying one’s academic qualifications is important when you determine to get a professional certification or license in the field. Attested educational certificates act as evidence of your qualifications. This is an official endorsement of your abilities in the field.

Attestation is a meticulous verification process which follows a standard procedure set by international authorities. Undergoing proper attestation, the certificates acquire the required trust and credibility to use it worldwide.

Procedure for Degree Certificate Attestation in UAE

As a degree certificate is an academic document, it undergoes the procedure generally followed by educational certificates. The process of degree certificate attestation in UAE starts with notary attestation and ends with MOFA attestation.

    The attestation of documents begins at the regional level with the attestation of notaries appointed by the government. Being an educational certificate, a degree certificate is certified at this level by the issuing universities.

After the attestation by the notaries, the degree certificate is forwarded to the respective departments of the state for the next level of attestation. The State level attestation is done by the Human Resource Department (HRD), State Home Department (SHD), or the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). After thorough verification of the certificates, each department affixes a seal and signature.

After the state level attestation, the next process is MEA attestation. At this stage, either normal attestation or apostille attestation is followed. If the country is a member of the Hague Convention, it will follow apostille attestation. For countries such as UAE, which are not signatories of the Hague Convention normal attestation is the procedure to follow. 

Once the MEA completes the attestation, the responsibility to carry out the next stage of attestation falls on the Embassy of the destination country. This step is followed by only certain countries. For the UAE, this is an essential step.

Attestation after the Embassy level is conducted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This ministry is responsible for the final level of attestation in countries such as UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This attestation process is known as MOFA attestation. Whether you want to get a work visa or admission to a college or university in UAE, MOFA attestation is mandatory.

You may also be required to translate your documents before the attestation if they are not in Arabic.

Documents for Degree Certificate Attestation in UAE

Degree certificate attestation requires the submission of certain documents. These include:

  • Original degree certificate
  • Mark list
  • Passport Copy
Time Involved in Degree Certificate Attestation in UAE

Like every attestation process, attestation of engineering certificates costs some money. This cost depends upon the country for which you are attesting the documents. The costs will be high if you wish to attest them quickly.