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Diploma Certificate Attestation in Qatar

Qatar, a small but prosperous country in the middle east is an attractive destination for those in search of jobs. If you are a diploma holder and want to make a living with your professional qualification, Qatar has great things in store for you. However, having your certificate with you is not enough to build your career or pursue higher studies in Qatar. To use your certificates abroad they must undergo an attestation process and the Diploma certificate is not different.

Diploma Certificate Attestation in Qatar is a complex yet mandatory procedure to use your certificate for official purposes. Attestation is the process of verification of the veracity of the facts mentioned in the documents which establishes the genuineness of the document and the office issuing it. Diploma certificate attestation is an important process with multiple steps of verification by different authorities from the country of origin and Qatar.

A diploma certificate is proof of the completion of a diploma course of 2 to 3 years in a specific field from a recognized educational institution which helps you gain a job as per your technical qualification and expertise. This certificate can also be used to pursue further studies. The diploma certificate contains relevant information such as the name of the diploma holder, name of the institution, the field of study, the year of course completion, marks awarded, duration, etc.

As the diploma course covers the essential technical curriculum and teaches real world technical skills and applications, which helps you land a job without much fuss, diploma certificate attestation is of utmost importance for those who are in job search.

Purpose of Diploma Certificate Attestation

In Qatar, like any other documents, diploma certificates are officially used only after attestation. These attested diploma certificates have several uses and some of them are mentioned below.

  • To apply for a family visa
  • For Employment purposes
  • To pursue higher education
  • For migration purposes

Documents for Diploma Certificate Attestation in Qatar

Every document attestation required to submit certain documents and attestation of diploma certificates too. The documents needed to apply for diploma certificate attestation include:

  • Original Diploma certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Final Mark list

Process of Diploma Certificate Attestation in Qatar

Procedure for diploma certificate attestation is multistep which includes rigorous verification processes beginning from the initial level of attestation by local notaries and ending with international level of attestation. To legalize the process and document, stamps and signatures are affixed on the document.

The various steps involved in the diploma certificate attestation procedure is described in detail below.

For the preliminary level attestation the document should get certified from the notaries. Notaries are government appointed officials to verify the authentication of documents. Like a degree certificate, the diploma certificate is also an educational document, so first it goes through the attestation by the issuing university.

Once the primary level attestation is carried out by the local notaries, the diploma certificate undergoes the State Home Department attestation. In specific cases, the Sub-Divisional Magistrate verifies the documents on behalf of the State Home Department.

The external affairs of the nation has the responsibility and authority to handle issues related to the country’s external affairs. Hence, it has an instrumental role in the process of attestation. To be accepted internationally, the diploma certificate has to go through MEA attestation after the attestation by the State Home Department.

MEA checks the document and related documents for ensuring its authenticity and upon its satisfaction, the ministry pastes a stamp on the certificate. Countries party to the Hague Convention Treaty mandates MEA attestation.

Post MEA attestation the Embassy of the target country proceeds for attestation. Most of the countries end the process of attestation with the Embassy attestation.

The process of document attestation in Qatar ends with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation, which is also referred to as MOFA attestation. It is essential for educational certificates to go through this procedure when you want to acquire a work permit, apply for work visas, transfer sponsorships and other similar matters. MOFA certificate attestation is mandatory if you want to live or work in Qatar.

Time taken for Diploma Certificate Attestation in Qatar

The time taken for attesting your Diploma Certificate may vary depending on the country where it was issued, how busy the office hours are, and the efficiency of the authorities involved. Generally, the attestation process can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. To make sure everything gets done on time, it’s a good idea to start the attestation process well in advance.

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