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Diploma Certificate Attestation in Oman

A diploma is one of the technical courses that specializes in certain specific fields enabling students to get jobs in their field of interest. There are several job opportunities available for people who want to work in the technical field.

With a diploma certificate in your hand, you won’t have any dearth of jobs. A diploma certificate is the proof of the completion of your 2-3 years technical course which makes you eligible to perform jobs in the concerned field. Such a certificate consists of details such as the name of the student, name of the course, course duration, subject, marks awarded, etc.

A diploma certificate ensures that you have technical expertise rather than just theoretical knowledge which makes them capable of doing field work. Recruiters abroad may ask for this certificate if you wish to work in a foreign country like Oman.

Significance of Diploma Certificate Attestation in Oman

Attestation is an important process that proves the authenticity of the documents. This is a meticulous procedure with multiple steps involving multiple officials. With such a rigorous procedure, the certificate acquires the required value to be accepted at international level without warranting further attestation process.

An attested Diploma Certificate is essential for a lot of purposes. These include:

  • To apply for Visa
  • For migration purposes
  • For Employment Opportunities
  • For higher studies

Process of Diploma Certificate Attestation in Oman

Generally, all the certificate attestation processes in Oman follow similar processes. This starts with regional level attestation by notaries, then proceeds with the State level attestation, MEA attestation, and finally concludes with Embassy attestation.

Attestation by notaries is the preliminary level of attestation. Notaries have the legal authority to proceed with the attestation at the local level. Attestation is done by universities for educational documents and the Chamber of Commerce performs attestation for commercial documents.

Once the attestation by notaries is completed further attestation is carried out by the Home Department. This is the state level attestation. The Stat Home Department, Human Resource Department, and the Sub-divisional Magistrate carry out this level of attestation.

After the attestation by the State Home Department, MEA conducts the further attestation procedure. The Ministry of External Affairs deals with the external affairs of a country and it has a vital role in the attestation process. In countries like Oman which is part of the Hague Convention the procedure of certification is not attestation but apostille. 

At this level, after thorough verification, MEA pastes the apostille stamp and sticker.

Embassy attestation is the last step in the process of certificate attestation for Oman. After the MEA apostille, the certificate is further forwarded to the Embassy.

Documents for Diploma Certificate Attestation in Oman

Authorities need documents to verify the information you provide. So, you are required to submit certain documents before the process. Though these documents generally vary for different purposes, there are certain basic documents required. The documents required for the attestation of Diploma Certificates are:

  • Original Diploma Certificate
  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy
Time for Diploma Certificate Attestation in Oman

If all the processes go smoothly then Diploma Certificate Attestation generally takes a couple of weeks to complete. The process depends upon the operational efficiency of the attestation office. With impediments in the process, the process might take a whole month.

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