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Diploma Certificate Attestation in UAE

If you have completed a diploma course and earned a certificate and want to use the certificate to get a job in a foreign land like UAE, you should do the attestation of the certificates. Only attested documents are accepted by the UAE government. Attestation is the process of thorough verification of your document to ensure the validity of the given information.

The process of attestation includes the validation of documents in multiple stages by multiple authorities by affixing the seal and signature of the concerned authorities to do away with any kind of document fraud. Attestation of a diploma certificate has a particular significance as it proves your technical expertise and skills in the specific field providing you with the opportunity to attract better job prospects. If you want to continue higher education, attested diploma certificates are required for that too.

A diploma certificate contains significant information regarding the course completed. The details present in the certificate include the name of the student, the name of the institution, the year of diploma course completion, marks and grades awarded.

Main Purposes of Diploma Certificate Attestation in UAE

In UAE like any other foreign country, the certificates are required to be attested for getting accepted for official processes. Diploma certificates should also undergo proper attestation. Attested diploma certificates have various uses. A few of the purposes are listed below:

  • To pursue higher education
  • For job purposes
  • For Migration purposes
  • To obtain a family visa
  • To get admission to universities or colleges in the UAE

Documents required for Diploma Certificate Attestation in UAE

A diploma certificate, like any other document, requires the applicant to submit certain documents apart from the photographs and contact information for the certificate attestation process. Documents required for the attestation are:

  • Original Diploma certificate
  • Passport copy
  • Final Mark list

Procedure for Diploma Certificate Attestation in UAE

The process of attestation of any certificate involves the validation of documents at multiple levels. This begins at regional level attestation done by notaries. Then it proceeds through state level attestation, MEA attestation, and Embassy attestation, and finally concludes with MOFA attestation.

Notaries certify the document at the preliminary stage. As the diploma certificate is an educational document, the initial level attestation is performed by the universities. For commercial documents, the attestation procedure is performed by the Chamber of commerce.

Once the notaries attests the document, it further goes to the state departments for further verification. This level attestation is carried out by the state home department, the human resource department and the sub-divisional magistrate.

The responsibility to manage the external affairs of a country lies with the Ministry of External Affairs. After the state level attestation, the MEA conducts verification and pastes the stamp and seal after it is sure of its authenticity. At this level, MEA conducts an apostille or normal attestation process. For the UAE, the certificate follows an apostille attestation process.

After the MEA attestation process, the embassy of the destination country performs attestation. This step is not followed in all countries

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs deals with the foreign affairs of a country. The attestation done by this ministry is known as MOFA attestation. I In countries like the UAE, this process is mandatory.

Time Required for Diploma Certificate Attestation in UAE

The time taken for the certificate attestation process depends upon the operational efficiency of the concerned authorities. Regardless of the type of certificate being attested, the process may take anywhere between a couple of weeks. With so many applications, the time may extend to a month.

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