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Diploma Certificate Attestation

If you hold a diploma certificate and want to use it in a foreign country, attestation is a mandatory process that the certificate must go through. Attestation is a legal process of authorization of the certificate by following proper verification by multiple authorities at multiple levels.

A diploma certificate proves your qualification in a specific technical field enabling you to enter into a related job. This certificate also aids in enrolling for higher studies. It is an educational certificate and similar to a degree certificate. This document acts as evidence of the completion of a diploma course of 2 or 3 years’ duration.

Such a certificate includes all key academic details regarding the certificate holder, such as the course of study, duration, marks secured, name of the institution, year of study, etc. Even if you are a master’s degree holder or a Ph.D. holder, attesting your diploma or a graduation level certificate is required as the recruiters ask for an attested bachelor’s certificate.

Purpose of Diploma Certificate Attestation

Like any other certificate, officials in a foreign country accept only attested diploma certificates for official use. There are various uses of attested diploma certificates. These include:

  • For Employment purposes
  • Higher education
  • To get a family visa
  • To enroll in foreign universities or colleges
  • Migration purposes

Documents Required for Diploma Certificate Attestation

Attestation of the Diploma Certificate requires the submission of certain documents along with your photographs and contact information. These documents include:

  • Original Diploma certificate
  • Final Mark list
  • Copy of passport

Procedure for Diploma Certificate Attestation

Be it any kind of document, the attestation involves the verification of documents at multiple levels. These include the regional attestation by notaries.When it comes to attestation or to authenticate a document, there are different types of procedures involved that focus on different segments to ease the overall legal process.

Attestation of Diploma Certificates includes a series of verification processes by multiple authorities of origin and destination countries.

During the initial level, the certificates undergo attestation by the local notaries. Notaries are authorities legally authorized to perform the authentication of documents. Being an educational document, the Diploma  Certificate warrants attestation by the university issuing it.

After the initial level of attestation, the diploma certificate undergoes the attestation by the State Home Department.The Sub-Divisional Magistrate also verifies the documents in certain cases on behalf of the State Home Department.

As the Ministry of External Affairs manages all matters pertaining to the external affairs of the nation, it has a key role to play in the entire attestation process. To get global recognition, the diploma certificate has to undergo attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs after the attestation by the HRD.This is a simple process for document verification.. Once the MEA has verified the authenticity of the document and is satisfied with it, the ministry pastes a stamp on the document. MEA attestation is applicable to signatories of the Hague Convention Treaty.

After MEA attestation the attestation is done by the Embassy of the target country. In most countries, the process of attestation ends with the Embassy attestation.

The final stage of the attestation procedure is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation, commonly referred to as MOFA attestation. This particular procedure is necessary for educational certificates when processing work visas, transferring sponsorships, acquiring work permits, and other related matters. Individuals intending to reside and work in Qatar must undergo the mandatory legal process of Qatar MOFA certificate attestation.

Time required for Diploma Certificate Attestation

The duration for Diploma Certificate attestation can differ based on the country of issuance, the level of rush during office hours, and the efficiency of the relevant authorities. Typically, the attestation procedure may span from several days to a few weeks. To ensure timely completion, it is advisable to initiate the attestation process well ahead of time.

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