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Engineering Certificate Attestation in UAE

If you are an engineer and want to work in UAE then you need to perform attestation of your engineering certificates. Engineering certificate attestation is required if you want to pursue higher studies too. Attestation is essential for all the official uses of certificates in the UAE.

The attestation of documents including engineering certificates necessitates multi-step verification of documents elevating their credibility and reliability to make sure it is accepted internationally. Attestation is a mandatory requirement while submitting documents in UAE as it helps to do away with forgery and document fraud.

Importance of Engineering Certificate Attestation in UAE

Engineering certificates have immense importance in the education and employment fields. The significance of Engineering certificate attestation lies in its uses. Attestation of these certificates in UAE is used for various purposes. These include:

  • To get a job
  • To pursue higher education
  • To get an employment visa
  • To obtain recognition from a professional engineering body

Documents Required for Engineering Certificate Attestation in UAE

For every certificate attestation process, the authorities demand certain documents. Engineering Certificate attestation in the UAE also requires certain documents. These documents are listed below:

  • Original Engineering Certificate¬†
  • Copy of Passport
  • Mark List of all semesters

Authorities may also ask you to furnish other relevant documents along with your photos. Your address and other contact details are also required.

Procedure of Engineering Certificate Attestation in UAE

Engineering certificate attestation in UAE has steps similar to that of any other attestation process. This attestation begins with the notary attestation at the regional level and continues with the state-level attestation. This further proceeds with MEA and Embassy attestation. Finally the certificate undergoes MOFA attestation.

The preliminary level of attestation is performed by the notaries. Here, the notaries check the authenticity of the documents and attest to them. Educational documents are attested by universities at this level and hence the engineering certificates are attested by them.

Once the document goes through the regional level verification, it becomes the responsibility of the State home department to verify it. The state level attestation is performed by the Human Resource Department (HRD), State Home Department (SHD), and Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). After the proper validation of the documents, the respective state department attests the document with their seal and signature.

After the attestation at the state level, the document is forwarded to the Ministry of External Affairs for further attestation. MEA manages the external affairs of the country and it is the last step of attestation from the government of the country of origin. MEA carries out apostille Attestation or normal attestation. UAE conducts a normal attestation process.

After the attestation by the MEA, the Embassy of the destination country further verifies the documents. This step is not followed by all countries.

In countries like Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the process of attestation concludes with the attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This process is also known as MOFA attestation.

The Cost for Engineering Certificate Attestation in UAE

Like every attestation process, attestation of engineering certificates costs some money. This cost depends upon the country for which you are attesting the documents. The costs will be high if you wish to attest them quickly.

Time taken for Engineering Certificate Attestation in UAE

The time required for the engineering certificate attestation process depends on different factors. The attestation process takes different durations for different countries. Duration also depends upon the documents getting attested. For a speedy attestation process, you can avail of the services offered by attestation agencies

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