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Experience Certificate Apostille in Oman

If you have professional experience and you want to prove that you may require to produce an Experience Certificate. An experience letter is an official letter issued by the employer to its employee as evidence of the tenure of that employee.

An experience letter is an official document demanded by recruiters and employers while selecting potential employees. This document is a formal record of the experience of an employee in a company at a particular position for a specific period. An experience certificate contains all the relevant information related to the employee’s experience. This includes details such as the job title, responsibilities, tenure of your work, the employer, etc.

Significance of Experience Certificate Apostille in Oman

Experience certificate attestation is important while applying for a job in a foreign country like Oman. Attestation establishes the credibility of the documents and ensures that the certificates are not counterfeit. This process is essential to do away with fraudulent documents

Process of Experience Certificate Apostille in Oman

Like any certificate attestation procedure, experience certificate attestation comprises multiple steps. This process starts with the preliminary and regional level attestation by the local notaries. This is further followed by Home Department Attestation, MEA Attestation and Embassy Attestation.

The primary step in the attestation procedure is the attestation by the local notaries. Notaries are appointed by government authorities to attest certificates and documents during the initial stage.

After notary attestation, the next level of attestation is carried out by the state home department. Personal document attestation is specifically performed by the home department. In certain cases, the Sub-Divisional Magistrate attests to documents instead of the Home Department or HRD during this stage. Sub-Divisional Magistrate is a separate authority and performs independently of the state government.

After the attestation by the Home Department, the documents undergo attestation by MEA. There are two types of attestation procedures followed by the MEA. These are normal attestation and apostille attestation. Apostille is followed by countries party to the Hague convention, while normal attestation is carried out by the remaining countries. 

The Hague Convention of 1961 did away with the need for authorization of official documents to use among its signatories. Apostille is a substitute for attestation which came on October 5 during the Hague convention. This is a simple procedure that enables the document to be used internationally without further verification. All three types of documents, Personal, Educational and Commercial are apostilled. Currently, 106 countries come under the Hague Convention.

After attestation by the MEA, the documents further warrant the attestation by the Embassy of the destination country. When the experience certificate is attested for Oman, it should undergo Oman embassy attestation

Documents required for Experience Certificate Apostille in Oman

To meticulously check the certificates and documents, the authority demands certain documents that prove the authenticity of the documents. These documents include:

  • Original Certificate
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Visa
  • Authorization letter (if applicable)

A couple of photographs and your contact details may also need to be submitted for Experience Certificate Attestation in Oman.

Time taken for Experience Certificate Apostille in Oman

The time taken for the process of attestation depends on several factors. These include the type of documents attested and the country for which these documents are attested. Time may also depend on the season in which the documents are sent for attestation. If the office is busy with a lot of work, the attestation is more likely to proceed slowly. The operational efficiency of the attestation officials may also cause delays.

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