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Experience Certificate Attestation in UAE

Experience Certificate is an important document that is essential to establish the reputation of a person and helps you prove your expertise in your profession. Usually, recruiters prefer experienced candidates to work in their company, so with an experience certificate you can get better employment opportunities. Experience in your field can help you get a handsome salary.

Experience certificates show your earlier work experience in a company, which requires good conduct. Experience certificate also acts as evidence of your behavior. Though it is the experience certificate that the company usually demands, its attestation is necessary if you wish to submit it to any foreign authorities. This is the same with the experience certificate intended for the UAE.

Attestation is a process that requires the certification of the authenticity of a document in multiple steps. This process necessitates the pasting of particular seals and signatures of the concerned authorities. This is a standard procedure which ensures the genuineness of the documents and makes it acceptable in international scenarios. Duly attested certificates attain credibility that helps the system to do away with any kind of certificate forgery.

Importance of Experience Certificate Attestation in UAE

Regardless of the certificate, attestation is essential. In a country like the UAE, every document should go through an attestation process for official purposes. Furthermore, an attestation of experience certificate is required if you want to work in the UAE. There are numerous uses for experience certificate attestation. These are a few examples:

  • To get employment abroad
  • To get a better salary and benefits
  • To avail of some bank facilities
  • For immigration purposes
  • To avail loans

Documents needed for Experience Certificate Attestation in UAE

The applicant must produce the original experience certificate as well as a copy of his or her passport for experience certificate attestation in the UAE. Photos of the applicant as well as a few additional supporting papers may be required.

Original Experience Certificate

An original experience certificate is a document produced by a former employer that verifies your work with them

Passport Copy

A passport copy is an exact replica of your original passport document that is usually prepared for administrative or personal reasons.

Photograph(If Required)

Procedure of Experience Certificate Attestation in UAE

The process of experience certificate attestation includes several steps. This starts at the regional level with the attestation by the notaries appointed by the government officials. The second step in the attestation is performed by the respective state department. MEA conducts attestation after this step. The embassy of the destination country carries out further attestation. MOFA attestation is the concluding step of attestation.

This is the primary level of attestation. At this level, educational certificates are attested by the universities and commercial documents are attested by the Chamber of Commerce.

After the completion of notary level attestation, different state departments continue with the next level of attestation. The State home department, Human resources department and Sub-divisional Magistrate carries out this level of attestation.

The Ministry of External Affairs conducts further attestation processes.  The MEA is responsible for managing the external affairs of a country. So, this is an instrumental step in the attestation process. At this stage, MEA conducts either apostille attestation or normal attestation. For UAE, the process is normal attestation.

Once the attestation by the embassy is completed, the next step is followed by the Embassy. Embassy of the destination country performs rigorous checks and pastes their stamps and seals.

After attestation by the embassy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs conducts attestation. This is a mandatory procedure for the UAE.

Time taken for Experience Certificate Attestation in UAE

The duration of experience certificate attestation depends on the efficiency of the attesting office. If you want a quick attestation process, it is better to partner with an attestation agency. Don’t worry anymore, get your experience certificate attested by the most trusted attestation provider in the UAE.

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