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Experience Certificate Attestation in Qatar

An experience certificate is a formal document that states that an employee is associated with an organization during a specified period of time. This is a key document while hiring candidates. Most firms look for candidates with knowledge and experience and an experience certificate can make all the difference to your job search.

Experience certificate is an important document. However, it can be used internationally only after proper attestation. Experience certificate attestation in Qatar is a significant process since it enhances your chances of employability. Attestation is the process of validation of the legitimacy and originality of the documents after a step by step verification process by respective authorities and departments.

After the authorities’ satisfactory scrutiny, they authenticate the certificates with official signatures and seals. This expresses the legal validity of the documents and enables them to be used across international borders. Experience certificate attestation is instrumental in securing jobs, especially in foreign lands.

Importance of Experience Certificate Attestation in Qatar

Attestation is important undoubtedly, no matter what certificate you are referring to. In a country like Qatar, every document should go through an attestation process for official purposes. Moreover, Experience certificate attestation is critical, if you want to get a job in Qatar. There are many purposes for experience certificate attestation.  These include:

  • To get employment abroad
  • To get a better salary and benefits
  • To avail of some bank facilities
  • For immigration purposes
  • To avail loans

Procedure of Experience Certificate Attestation in Qatar

Experience certificate attestation in Qatar requires the involvement of various officials and departments. The procedure starts with notary attestation and ends with MOFA attestation.

Notary attestation is the regional level of the attestation process. Notaries are government officials with the authority to verify the authenticity of certificates. At the primary level, the authenticity of the experience certificates is checked and verified by the notaries.

After the notary attestation, the certificate gets validated by the State Home Department. An experience certificate is a non educational document and the Home Department does the verification of personal documents. The Sub-Divisional Magistrate works as an independent authority and its certification is on par with the state level verification.

The Ministry of External Affairs is responsible for efficiently handling different aspects related to the nation’s external affairs. It acts as the ultimate source of authentication for the home government. Having your document stamped by MEA allows you to proceed with Embassy attestation.

After MEA attestation, the Qatar Embassy conducts attestation of experience certificates. Attestation by the destination embassy is the concluding step in the attestation procedure for most countries

In Qatar, foreign affairs are handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). So, the verification from MOFA is essential. MOFA attestation is the final step in the attestation process following which the certificates can be used for official purposes.

Documents needed for Experience Certificate attestation in Qatar

For experience certificate attestation in Qatar, the applicant needs to present the original experience certificate and a copy of his/her passport. Photos of the applicant and a few other supporting documents might also be required to be submitted.

Attestation is a time consuming and complicated process. If you don’t have prior knowledge of the process, it is better to get attestation services from the service providers. There are numerous agencies that provide you with valuable attestation services in Qatar.

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