Indian Degree Certificate Attestation In Oman

Indian Degree Certificate Attestation In Oman

Attestation of educational certificates is a key factor for making the immigration process more easily from one country to another country, especially in Oman. Oman is well developed in its traditional heritage and a space for the richest merchants and industries. It is located on the Arabian Peninsula and well known for its encompassing desert and long coastlines. The port capital, Muscat is home to the massive and Contemporary Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. The attractive features rather than other countries such as the old waterfront muttrah quarter and labyrinthine souk are the most highlighting factor in Oman. The industries are well developed in Oman city and it has high demanding standard and quality in its products.

Attestation of important documents ensures the credibility of every certificate pertaining to an individual and thus holds a significant role while visiting foreign countries. Oman is by no further means different, one has to do attestation prior to visiting and also for seeking a job. The countries which are not a part of the Hague Convention is mandatory to attest all the required documents and it ensures the authenticity of it. Whether it’s personal or commercial document attestation, it is a must to make sure the documents are genuine otherwise the preceding procedures to move abroad will be a difficult thing. Indian Degree Certificate Attestation in Oman is for Educational or employment and comes under the category of Education Certificate Attestation. Degree certificate attestation is a strict and mandatory procedure to be followed in which your document go through the various levels of attestation procedures. The original Educational/diploma Degree should be considered legitimate in Oman for getting a visa for Employment or for any other job purposes. The required legal procedures must be sanctioned to get an approval for moving to Oman and rest of the activities done according to it. Bonafide certificate attestation in Oman makes their country well reputed in all sections and securing it from external unethical practices and fraud activities.

The procedures to be followed :

  • On any Indian Public degree certificate HRD from local Secretariat, who is entitled to do it, must be done and is a compulsory process to be followed for if you want Degree Certificate Attestation for Oman to be done successfully on your certificate. This is the primary thing followed by educational certification procedures.
  • After the HRD( Human Resource Development) attestation for Oman, MEA stamp from Ministry of External Affairs(MEA) Government of India, will be obtained on your certificate as Oman is a signatory to Hague convention and doesn’t require Oman Embassy in India.
  • After bearing MEA Apostille Stamp, the certificate then moves for Oman Culture Attestation from the Cultural Attache of the Oman Embassy in New Delhi or Oman Consulate
  • All kinds of certificate attestation procedures are essential for leaving from one country to another for any purpose. The legal procedures are mainly recommended to check the genuineness and reliability of the documents, which are necessary for the emigration purposes.

From the detailed description about the legal formalities mentioned above, it is clear that:
In order to approve a valid visa one has to attest to all educational/Personal certificates. The professional and academic certificates issued from India by the Indian Embassy/Consulate in Oman for further attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( Mofa Attestation) of Oman Government before granting Oman Visa. For the processing and sanctioning of all these documents, it must require around 15 to 20 days. Attestation services recommended in the embassy of Oman for all types of educational and marital documents. After completing all attestation procedures it offers a complete right to the applicant to enjoy all legal prerogatives and judicial privilege.


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