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MarkSheet Attestation in Oman

Mark Sheets are one of the most important documents a student obtains after the completion of an educational program. It holds great significance while assessing your performance in the educational programs. The mark sheet contains the score obtained by the person in the total academic program which acts as proof of the student’s abilities and accomplishments. Whether you are pursuing higher education or seeking employment opportunities, submitting mark sheets is a vital step.

Though mark sheets are enough to showcase your academic performance and capability, it is not sufficient to use in a foreign country without authorization. Attestation is essential to be performed if you want to use it abroad for official purposes. With proper attestation, the documents gain credibility and attain the verification standards set internationally. This enables the documents to be used without further validation.

Legally authorized officials thoroughly check the documents to verify whether the information furnished is correct or not. After verification at each step, official seals and signatures are pasted on the document providing legal validity to the documents. This process typically involves verification at the regional and international levels.

Importance of Mark Sheet Attestation in Oman

Attestation is essential for all documents to be used abroad as it adds credibility and offers legal validity. Mark sheet attestation enables it to be used for various official purposes. These include:

Pursuing Higher Education: 

If you want to join educational institutions and pursue higher education, attestation of mark sheets is mandatory.

Better Job Opportunities:

 Mark Sheet Attestation in Oman helps in securing good jobs.

Visa Purpose: 

To help with dependent Visa application

Business Needs: 

Mark Sheet Attestation is essential for freshers and professionals alike if they wish to start a business in Oman.

Resident Permit & Scholarship:

Attestation of mark sheets aids in obtaining a resident permit or scholarship in a foreign country like Oman.

Switch professions:

As a mark sheet is an important educational document evidence of your qualification, it aids in changing jobs

Documents required for Mark Sheet Attestation in Oman

Attestation of documents requires certain documents to be submitted. The documents required for mark sheet Attestation in Oman include:

  • Original Mark Sheet
  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy
  • Authorization Letter (If applicable)

You may need to furnish additional documents for further verification as per the demand of authorities.

Process of Mark Sheet Attestation in Oman

Mark Sheet Attestation in Oman is like any other attestation and follows regional and international levels of attestation. This process starts with the attestation by notaries at the local level. Then the attestation is preceded by the State Home Department, MEA, and Embassy.

Attestation by notaries is the primary level in the attestation process. Notaries are authorized to perform attestation at the regional level. Universities attest educational documents and the Chamber of Commerce attests non-educational documents at this level.

Attestation after the preliminary level is conducted by the State Home Department. The attestation at the state level is performed by the State Home Department, Human Resources Department, and Sub-divisional Magistrate. The Sub-divisional Magistrate works independently of the Home Department, however, it is considered as the state level attestation.

The Ministry of External Affairs handles all the external affairs of a country and after the state level attestation, the MEA performs next level attestation. As Oman is a party of the Hague Convention, it follows apostille instead of attestation.

Apostille is the procedure of international attestation followed by countries party of the Hague Convention. Apostille is done by the country in which the document originated. This is an international level of attestation performed by the Ministry of External Affairs.

After the documents are apostilled by the MEA, it is further sent to the Embassy for verification. At the Embassy level, the document is authenticated concluding the attestation process for Oman.

Time needed for Mark Sheet Attestation in Oman

The procedure of attestation, irrespective of the documents you are performing, takes almost a week to complete. However, with impediments in the attestation process such as a huge number of attestation applications and reduced operational efficiency of the office, the time taken for mark sheet attestation may increase. This process may even take a month.

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