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Mark Sheet Attestation in Qatar

Academic mark sheets hold immense significance in the assessment procedures of diverse educational programs. They serve as concrete evidence of the certificate holder’s academic capabilities and accomplishments, validating the completion of graduation, post graduation, or any other educational level. Whether pursuing further studies or seeking employment opportunities, the submission of marksheets to prospective institutions or employers is a necessary step.

However, it is imperative to note that for documents to gain recognition and legal validity in foreign countries, a crucial procedure known as attestation is mandatory. Attestation plays a pivotal role in verifying the authenticity of certificates, thereby enabling them to be considered for official purposes without necessitating further scrutiny. In the context of academic records issued in India, attestation by the pertinent authorities is a prerequisite for their acceptance and utilization in foreign nations, especially in educational and employment domains.

Mark Sheet attestation in Qatar, at its core, involves the meticulous verification of the genuineness of an academic marks sheet by duly authorized officials or government departments. This process ends with the affixation of official seals and signatures, lending the document the status of a legally authenticated instrument. Typically, this entails attestation by both the home department and the external affairs ministry of the country of origin, followed by authentication by the Qatar embassy.

Significance of Mark Sheet Attestation in Qatar

The significance of mark sheet attestation in Qatar cannot be overstated, as it imbues the document with legal validity and global acceptance. The attestation process empowers marksheets to serve various official purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Higher Education: Facilitating admission to foreign educational institutions.
  • Job Purposes: Ensuring eligibility for employment opportunities abroad.
  • Professional Transition: Assisting in career changes and transitions.
  • Business Establishment Abroad: Supporting the establishment of businesses in foreign nations.
  • Change of Visa Status Abroad: Facilitating changes in visa statuses.
  • Dependent Visa Applications: Aiding in securing dependent visas.
  •  Resident Permit or Sponsorship: Supporting applications for residence permits or sponsorships in foreign countries.

Document required for Mark Sheet Attestation in Qatar

For mark sheet attestation in Qatar, specific documents are required to be presented to the designated authorities to ensure satisfactory verification. These essential documents include:

  • 1. Original marksheets or consolidated certificates.
  • 2. Copy of the candidate’s passport.
  • 3. Copy of the candidate’s visa.
  • 4. An authorization letter if applicable.
  • 5. Two recent passport-sized photographs.

It is important to note that authorities may request additional documents for further clarification.

Procedure of MarkSheet attestation in Qatar

Attestation is a strenuous process with multiple steps, requiring the validation of the document from various authorities and offices. MarkSheet attestation in Qatar is similar to the attestation of any other educational certificate. This begins with notarization and ends with MOFA attestation.

Notaries are government appointed officials with the legal authority to verify the authenticity of documents for official purposes. At the regional level, the authenticity of the marksheet is checked and ensured by the university that issues the certificate. Generally, this is the initial step that differs in different attestation processes.

A marksheet is an educational document and as a second step, it gets validated by the State Home Department. Though the Sub-Divisional Magistrate generally acts as an independent authority, its certification is on the same level with the state level verification.

MEA is responsible for efficiently handling different aspects related to our country’s external affairs. It plays an instrumental role in the authentication of the home government. Having your document stamped by MEA allows you the authorization to proceed with Embassy attestation.

Embassy attestation is carried out by destination country embassy officials after the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has satisfactorily attested the documents.

In Gulf countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) handles the foreign affairs of the country. Apart from Qatar in countries like Kuwait and UAE, MOFA attestation is the final step in the attestation process. Once the MOFA attestation is done the documents can be used internationally for official purposes.

Costs involved in Mark Sheet Attestation in Qatar

The cost of  Mark Sheet Attestation in Qatar depends upon the nature of the certificates being attested. The process of attesting a marksheet typically spans a duration of a couple of weeks. However, this timeline is subject to variation based on the specific type of certificate you wish to attest.

Time required for Mark Sheet Attestation in Qatar
MOFA Attestation
The last step in the death certificate attestation in Qatar procedure is MOFA Attestation. It is the attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). In certain cases where the death certificate is in a language other than Arabic, a certified translation may be required.
Time required for Death Certificate Attestation in Qatar

The timeframe is influenced by the country to which the certificates are being attested. In instances where it is a busy season and the relevant offices and officials are swamped with multiple attestation processes, your certificate attestation may experience delay.

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