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Mark sheet Attestation in UAE

Marksheets are an essential component of any educational course’s certification. It assesses the credential holder’s academic status and performance. Marksheets are an important aspect of every educational programme, whether it is a graduation, postgraduate, or other level. When applying for further education or looking for a career, the mark sheets must be sent to the recruiters ahead of time.

Before the certifications can be submitted in a foreign country, they must be attested. Attestation guarantees the authenticity of certificates, allowing authorities to use them for official purposes without further scrutiny. After being verified by the relevant authorities, marksheets issued in India would be suitable for use in foreign nations for educational and job purposes.

Marksheet attestation in UAE is the act of authenticating a legal document by verifying the veracity of a marksheet by authorized officials or government departments using their official stamp and signature. The educational certificates and marksheets must be attested by the home department and the minister of external affairs of the country of origin, as well as the embassy of the destination country.

Importance of Mark Sheet Attestation in UAE

Any document must be attested in order to be legally acceptable and accepted on a global scale. The mark sheet can be used for a variety of official purposes after it has been authenticated. These are a few instances.

  • Higher Education
  • Job Purpose
  • Professional change
  • Establish a business abroad
  • Dependant visa 
  • Change visa status abroad
  • Resident Permit or Sponsorship

Documents Required for Mark Sheet Attestation in UAE

Certain documents must be given to the authority for proper verification during each attestation process. The following documents are necessary for mark sheet attestation

  • Original marksheets or consolidated certificates
  • Passport copy of the candidate
  • Visa copy of the candidate
  • Authorization letter (if applicable)
  • 2 Photographs

Authorities may request further papers for clarification. You may also be required to provide contact information such as your address and email address.

Procedure for Mark sheet Attestation in UAE

Mark Sheet attestation in UAE is similar to other types of certificate attestation. Document verification at the regional level is the first step in the attestation process. Following that is Notary attestation, MEA attestation, and finally Embassy Attestation.

Notary Attestation is a preliminary attestation step. During this attestation method, an authorized notary verifies the document and stamps it upon their satisfaction. This allows for further attestation procedures. Because marksheets are educational papers, the educational institute that issues the certificate, such as a School/College, confirms the document’s trustworthiness.

A marksheet is an educational document that is validated by the State Home Department as a second stage. Despite the fact that the Sub-Divisional Magistrate is normally an independent entity, its certification is on the same level as the state level verification.

MEA is in charge of handling all areas of our country’s external relations in an efficient manner. It is crucial in the authentication of the domestic government. The MEA stamp on your document authorizes you to proceed with Embassy attestation.

After the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has satisfactorily confirmed the documents, embassy attestation is performed by personnel from the destination country’s embassy.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is in charge of the country’s foreign affairs in Gulf countries. MOFA certification is the final step in the attestation process in countries other than Qatar, such as Kuwait and the UAE. Once the MOFA attestation is completed, the documents can be utilized for official reasons on a global scale.

Costs involved in Mark Sheet Attestation in UAE

The cost of Mark Sheet Attestation in the UAE is determined by the type of certificate being certified. The procedure of attesting a marksheet usually takes a number of days. This schedule, however, is subject to change depending on the type of certificate you wish to certify.

Time required for Mark Sheet Attestation in UAE

The country to which the certificates are attested influences the period. Your certificate attestation may be delayed if it is a busy season and the relevant offices and personnel are overloaded with many attestation processes.

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