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Medical Certificate Attestation in Oman

Attestation of Medical Certificates is important in Oman for several purposes. It is essential if you want to take sick leave or want to support your absence. A medical certificate is a written statement from a certified physician verifying the medical examination result of a patient. It is a critical document used to show the fitness of an employee. This is used as a sick report which is demanded by the officials as proof of the fitness of an employee.  This is essential to get leave from work. Medical certificates need to be submitted, if you have undergone any treatment and taken leave from work. This is a mandatory certificate to claim health benefits.

To validate the authenticity of the facts mentioned and the certificate submitted, it is required to undergo attestation. The attestation verifies that the signature and seal on the medical certificate are authentic. Medical Attestation is an important procedure of authorization in which an attestation stamp is affixed by the respective authorities of the home and destination country.

Significance of Medical Certificate Attestation in Oman

Medical Certificates have great significance in different fields. It acts as a sick report when you want to take leave because of ailments. However, this is not enough if you want to use it in a foreign country. It should undergo attestation before it is presented to authorities.

There are several official processes for which medical certificate attestation is mandatory. These include:

  • To claim health benefits
  • To apply for Visa
  • To get medical insurance
  • To get extended leaves
  • To submit as proof of absence

Documents Needed for Medical Certificate Attestation in Oman

Certain documents are needed for Medical Certificate Attestation in Oman. These are:

  • Original Medical Certificate 
  • Passport Copy

Procedure of Medical Certificate Attestation in Oman

The process of Medical Certificate Attestation in Oman consists of multiple steps, including Notary attestation, Home department attestation, MEA attestation, and Embassy attestation.

Preliminary step in the attestation process is the verification by local notaries. Notaries are authorized by the government to verify the authenticity of documents. If educational documents are being attested the issuing university can attest to it. It is the responsibility of the Chamber of Commerce to check the authenticity of commercial documents.

The next step in the attestation process after the attestation by a notary is performed by the Home department.

Following the regional and state level attestation, the attestation is performed by the Ministry of External Affairs. Attestation by MEA is the last step of attestation from the home government. MEA is the authority that manages the foreign affairs of the country and has an important role in the attestation process. MEA meticulously checks the document and pastes a stamp to establish its authenticity

After the attestation by MEA, the embassy of the destination country authenticates the reality of the document to ensure its legal validity and acceptance for official purposes. For Oman, the attestation ends with this step.

Time taken for Medical Certificate Attestation in Oman

Regardless of the purpose for which you intend to utilize the document, attestation is a complex and time-consuming exercise. The time it takes to complete the attestation procedure, however, differs per country. It may also fluctuate in length depending on the sort of document you wish to certify. Though the attestation process may take a week, it may be extended if officials’ operating efficiency is low.

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