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Medical Certificate Attestation In UAE

A medical certificate is an important document that must be attested before it may be used in another country. A medical certificate, like any other document, requires attestation to confirm its legitimacy. Get your medical certificate attested by an ISO-certified attestation provider in the UAE.

A medical certificate must be attested by a series of steps to ensure its authenticity. Typically, the process begins with local officials validating your certificate. It is then passed up the chain to higher national and international agencies until the UAE embassy or consulate finally approves it.

Medical Certificate

A medical certificate is a written declaration from a licensed medical practitioner that verifies the results of a patient’s medical checkup. It is used to assess an employee’s fitness. A medical certificate serves as a sick report that must be presented to the authorities in order to demonstrate that the employee is unable to work and is entitled to time off. A medical certificate is required to receive health benefits. If you have undergone treatment and taken time off from work, you must provide medical documentation.

What is Medical Certificate Attestation ?

Attestation is required to verify the authenticity of the facts stated and the certificate given. The attestation confirms the authenticity of the seal and signature on the medical certificate. Medical certificate attestation is a key permission step in which the concerned authorities of the certificate issuing country paste an attestation stamp.

Importance of Medical Certificate Attestation in UAE

When traveling abroad, it is essential to have your medical certificate attested. The primary goals of medical certificate attestation in UAE are as follows:

  • To support your absence from the office
  • To get extended leave and paid leave
  • To claim medical insurance
  • To be eligible for employer health benefits or medical allowances
  • To get visa
Documents Needed For Medical Certificate Attestation in UAE

The Certificate Attestation process, whether personal, educational, or commercial, necessitates the submission of specific papers. Medical certificate attestation in UAE is no different. Documents necessary for medical certificate attestation include:

  • Original Medical Certificate.
  • Passport Copy

You may be asked to provide photos and contact information. In some circumstances, an authorization letter is also necessary.

Procedure of Medical Certificate Attestation in UAE

To have a Medical Certificate verified, it must go through a series of verifications from several offices. These attestations begin with notary attestation, then move on to MEA and Embassy attestation, and lastly to MOFA attestation.

Notaries provide the primary level of attestation. Notaries are the first step in any attestation procedure. Notaries certify the document with their stamps and signatures.

The State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department (HRD), and Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) are in charge of document verification at the state level. The second phase of attestation is carried out by the individual state home department.

The Ministry of External Affairs performs attestation after regional and state attestation. This is the home government’s ultimate stage of authentication. MEA administers the country’s foreign affairs and plays a significant part in attestation. After it is pleased with the certificate, it thoroughly inspects it and attaches a stamp to authenticate the documents.

Following MEA attestation, the destination country’s embassy certifies the document’s legality. For most nations, this is the final stage in the attestation procedure.

The Gulf countries’ international affairs are handled by the Ministry of international Affairs, also known as MOFA. MOFA attestation is the final step in nations such as Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Time Involved in Medical certificate Attestation in UAE

The duration of the attestation procedure is determined by the type of document to be attested and the country to which you are attesting. Typically, the process takes around a week. However, busy office hours or any other factor may cause a delay in the process, which might take up to a month.

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