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Private Diploma Certificate Attestation in Qatar

Having a diploma certificate helps if you want to get a job. People with technical knowledge and skills are in high demand, especially in a country like Qatar. However, if you have a diploma from a private Institute you might wonder whether it will be useful when you try to work abroad.

Completion of a diploma course even if it is a private diploma holds importance and relevance if it is attested properly. Private diploma certificate attestation in Qatar is mandatory if you want to use it for official purposes.

To ensure the authenticity of a private diploma certificate issued by a private institution, it needs to be verified by the appropriate authorities at regional, state, and international levels. This verification process, known as attestation, ensures that the details mentioned in the certificate, including the department and the signatures and seals, are genuine.

Rigorous attestation procedures help in safeguarding against any fraudulent documents. Attesting your private diploma certificate is essential if you wish officials in foreign countries to accept it and consider you for employment or higher studies.

Significance of Private Diploma Certificate Attestation in Qatar

Regardless of the type of certificate you intend to use for official purposes, it needs to go through standard attestation processes. It enables the certificates to be used for important purposes. These include:

  • For Higher education
  • For Employment 
  • To enroll in foreign universities or colleges
  • For Migration purposes
  • To get a family visa

Documents for Private Diploma Certificate Attestation in Qatar

Attestation of a Private Diploma Certificate requires submitting certain documents. These documents are:

  • Original Diploma certificate
  • Copy of Passport
  • Final Mark list

Process of Private Diploma Certificate Attestation in Qatar

A private Diploma certificate, being an educational document, undergoes a similar attestation process as other educational documents. Initially, the university issuing the certificate attests it at the regional level, followed by further attestation by higher authorities in the hierarchical chain. This process commences in the country of issuance and concludes in the destination country with attestation by the foreign affairs ministry of that particular country.

Various steps in the intricate private diploma attestation procedure are given below.

Notary attestation is a simple process of getting your documents validated by local notaries, who are official representatives appointed by the government. In the case of educational documents like private diploma certificates, universities handle the initial level of attestation. It’s important to have your documents attested to ensure their authenticity and credibility.

Once you complete the university attestation for the primary level, the next step for obtaining your Private Diploma certificate is getting it attested by the State Home Department. In some cases, the Sub-Divisional Magistrate can attest the certificate on behalf of the State Home Department. So, make sure to follow this process to ensure your certificate is recognized and approved.

Once the Home Department approves the document, it is then sent to the MEA for attestation. Similarly, after the HRD attests the Private Diploma certificate, it needs to go through attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs to gain recognition at the international level. 

Upon successful verification by the MEA, they will stamp the document as attested. It’s important to note that MEA attestation is applicable to parties of the Hague Convention.

Once MEA attestation is complete, the next step is getting the certificate attested by the Embassy of the destination country. This is typically the final stage in the attestation process for most countries. So, after completing the MEA attestation, you can proceed with the embassy attestation by the target country.

The final step of the certificate attestation process is getting your documents attested by the MOFA or Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is an important procedure especially for educational certificates if you are applying for work visas, pursuing higher education, transferring sponsorships, and so on.

Time taken for Private Diploma Certificate Attestation in Qatar

The time taken for Private Diploma Certificate attestation in Qatar depends on various factors. Some of them are the country of issuance and the efficiency of the relevant authorities. Typically, the attestation process takes about a couple of weeks. To ensure a prompt completion of the procedure, it’s advisable to gain a thorough understanding of it and kickstart the process well in advance.

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