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Private Diploma Certificate Attestation

Completing a diploma course is worthy of your time. However, students holding a private diploma certificate won’t always feel the same. The credibility of your certificate is questioned especially when you want to use it in a foreign country for job purposes. Your answer to all the worries is the procedure of attestation.

A private diploma certificate issued by a private institution has to be verified by the concerned authorities at the regional, state and international levels. This process of attestation ensures that the Private Diploma certificate issued by the concerned department mentioned in the certificate and the signature and seal pasted on it are genuine. Private diploma certificate attestation is necessary if you want the authorities to accept your certificate and consider you for higher education or jobs.

Purpose of Private Diploma Certificate Attestation

In foreign countries, certificates and documents are accepted for official use only once they have undergone attestation. There are several uses of attested private diploma certificates. These are:

  • For Employment 
  • For Higher education
  • To enroll in foreign educational institutions
  • For Migration purposes
  • To acquire a family visa

Documents Required for Private Diploma Certificate Attestation

Like any educational certificate, the Private Diploma Certificate attestation requires the submission of certain documents. These documents are:

  • Original Diploma certificate
  • Final Mark list
  • Passport copy

Procedure for Private Diploma Certificate Attestation

A private Diploma certificate is an educational document and like any other educational document, it goes through the same process of attestation. The process begins with the attestation at the regional level by the university that issues the certificate and follows attestation by higher authorities in the hierarchy. Though the process begins in the country where the certificate has been issued, it ends in the destination country with the attestation by the foreign affairs ministry of that country.

Let’s understand the various steps involved in this cumbersome process.

Notary attestation refers to the simple procedure of attestation by the local notaries. Notaries are government-appointed officials who are authorized to validate and verify your documents. Being an educational document, at the initial level private diploma certificates undergo attestation by the universities.

After the university attestation at the primary level, the Private Diploma certificate proceeds to further attestation to the State Home Department. In certain cases, on behalf of the State Home Department, the document is also verified by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate.

After the second level of attestation, further attestation responsibility lies with the Ministry of External Affairs. After the attestation by the HRD, the Private Diploma certificate has to undergo attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs to get international recognition. This is a simple process for document verification. 

After MEA satisfactorily verifies the authenticity of the document, the ministry pastes a stamp on the document as mark of attestation. MEA attestation applies to parties of the Hague Convention.

After MEA attestation the attestation is done by the Embassy of the target country. In most countries, the process of attestation ends with the Embassy attestation.

MOFA attestation or the attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the concluding step of the certificate attestation process. This procedure is essential for educational certificates to process work visas, transferring sponsorships, etc.

Time required for Private Diploma Certificate Attestation

The time it takes for a Private Diploma Certificate attestation differs depending upon certain characteristics such as the country of issuance, and the efficiency of the relevant authorities. Generally, the attestation process takes anywhere around a couple of weeks. For the prompt completion of the procedure, try to learn in-depth about it and always start the process early. If you want to reduce the time and make sure of a stress-free procedure contact us immediately.

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