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Provisional Certificate Attestation in Oman

Provisional Certificate is a document issued after the completion of your graduation when the original degree certificate has yet to be released. This is an essential document for those who want to proceed with higher studies. A provisional Certificate needs to be furnished when joining a new job. If you wish to work in a foreign country, you must have provisional certificates in your hands. This is one of those documents, you need to produce as per the demand of the recruiters.

A provisional certificate is a temporary document issued till the original degree certificate is not released. Generally, an original degree certificate may take some time to issue after following all the standard procedures. Authorities issue provisional certificates so that students and professionals can seek admission to educational institutions and seek employment.

A provisional certificate, though temporary, has the same importance as that of an original degree certificate and it can be used in all the places where a degree certificate is used. However, once the degree certificate is issued, the provisional certificate loses its value.

A provisional certificate generally contains information related to your graduation degree. The information includes the name of the student, the name of the educational institution, enrollment ID, year of graduation, etc. This certificate gives detailed information about the CGPA obtained by the student in all the semesters. This also includes the date and place of issue. The certificate has the stamp and signature of the relevant authority.

Process of Provisional Certificate Attestation in Oman

Attestation procedures contain a series of steps. At different stages, different authorities rigorously verify the veracity of the document. This verification contains regional level certification, state level attestation, and ultimately international level of attestation.

Attestation begins at the regional level by notaries. Notaries attest the documents at the primary level.

After Notary attestation, the Home department performs further attestation. This State level attestation is the responsibility of the State Home Department , Human Resource Department and Sub-divisional Magistrate. This is the second level of attestation.

After the state level attestation, the Ministry of external affairs, which is authorized to handle the external affairs of the country, proceeds with the attestation. As Oman is a member of the Hague Convention, it follows apostille instead of normal attestation.

After thorough verification, MEA affixes the apostille stamp and seal.

Once MEA attestation is completed, Embassy attestation is done. This is the final step in the Oman attestation process.

Documents for Provisional Certificate Attestation in Oman

Authorities may demand certain documents for the Provisional certificate attestation in Oman. The documents that are required for the attestation of provisional Certificate in Oman include:

  • Original Provisional Certificate
  • Copy of passport of the Certificate Holder
  • Authorization letter (If applicable)

Photographs may need to be furnished along with some additional certificates requested by the authorities.

Time Required for Provisional Certificate Attestation in Oman

With a streamlined process, most attestations take a couple of weeks to complete. However, unexpected issues may turn up. Pending applications and heavy work in the attestation office may cause the process to delay taking almost a month to complete.

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