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Provisional Certificate Attestation in Qatar

Provisional Certificate Attestation in Qatar is an important process if you wish to enroll in a college or university abroad before the degree certificate is issued. A provisional certificate is an important document issued by a university after graduation. This is a temporary document issued before the release of the final graduation certificate. Till the original certificate is issued by the college or university, the provisional certificate can be substituted for the original degree certificate.

Whether it is for admission to an educational institution or for employment purposes, the first thing that the admission panel and recruiters generally demand is educational certificates. Having the provisional certificate in your custody, you need not wait for the graduation certificate and lose the opportunity.

The provisional certificate contains all the relevant information pertaining to your graduation as it is used in place of your degree certificate. The details present in the document are the name of the student, enrollment ID, graduated year and university, college and department name. 

Process of Provisional Certificate Attestation in Qatar

Like any other certificate attestation process, provisional certificate attestation follows a standardized procedure. This begins with the attestation by notaries and concludes with MOFA attestation.

Local Notaries are responsible for the primary level of attestation. These are government appointed executives who hold the authority to certify the credibility of the document. For educational documents, the attestation at this level is carried out by the issuing universities themselves.

After the attestation has passed the preliminary phase the document is sent to the state home department. Here, the state-level validation is performed either by the State Home Department (SHD), the Human Resource Department (HRD), or the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM).In certain cases, SDM performs attestation instead of Home Department and HRD. SDM functions independently of the state government.

The Ministry of External Affairs is the authority to manage the external affairs of the home country. It has a key role in the attestation process and its stamp and seal add to the certificate’s credibility.

Next to the MEA attestation, the document is forwarded to the embassy of the destination country for further processing. This is the final procedure for several countries.

Gulf countries like Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Kuwait mandate MOFA attestation as part of the attestation process. This is the final procedure after embassy attestation. This is performed for the destination country. This attestation is applied to the foreign documents and the documents issued in these Gulf countries

Documents for Provisional Certificate Attestation in Qatar

Provisional Certificate Attestation in Qatar requires certain documents to be submitted for verification of certificates. The documents that are required for Provisional Certificate Attestation in Qatar include:

  • Original Provisional Certificate
  • Passport Copy of the Certificate Holder
  • Authorization letter (If applicable)

Photographs may need to be furnished along with contact details. You may need to provide some additional certificates as per the request of the authorities.

Time Required for Provisional Certificate Attestation in Qatar

Every attestation procedure takes usually a couple of weeks to complete if everything goes smoothly. However, some unexpected issues, heavy work, and the pendency of applications may cause the process to be delayed taking almost a month to complete.

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