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Provisional Certificate Attestation

Provisional Certificate Attestation is important for those who have completed their education and aspire to pursue higher education in a foreign country. Your educational certificate is one of the first documents that recruiters ask for when they screen applicants. Though your degree certificate is usually required, a provisional certificate is used until an original certificate is issued.

A provisional certificate is an educational document issued by an educational institute after graduation. A provisional certificate is a temporary document that is issued when the original graduation certificate is not released. Even though the original certificate has not been released, with the provisional certificate in hand you can go for admission to any college or university. The original degree certificates will be asked after one or two months.

The provisional certificate is relevant when the original certificate is not available. However, it loses its importance once the graduation certificate is issued by the university. Provisional certificate is widely used and accepted by universities and employers. It generally contains details such as the name of the student, enrollment ID, year of graduation and department/college name. It includes the CGPA obtained by the student in each semester. The certificate contains the signature and stamp of the concerned authority along with the date and place of issue.

To ensure the authenticity of documents foreign countries demand an attested copy of the provisional certificate. In the process of attestation, the certificate is checked and authenticated by the concerned authorities and stamps and signatures are affixed on it.

Procedure of Provisional Certificate Attestation

There is a stepwise procedure to carry out the attestation process and if not conducted properly it won’t be considered valid. The attestation process generally starts with regional level attestation followed by home department attestation, MEA, Embassy, and finally MOFA attestation.

The initial level of attestation starts at the regional level. The primary level of attestation is done by notaries. These are legally authorized officials capable of attesting documents at the initial phase.

As a second step, the documents to be attested are sent to the Home Department. Here, the specific department of State Government thoroughly verifies the document and ensures it is 100% genuine and authentic. 

Whether it is a document issued by Govt. universities, medical institutions, technical boards or Paramedical institutions, the attestation by the State Human Resource Department is essential. Once the Home Department Attestation is completed the document is passed to the Ministry of External Affairs for further processing.

As the next step, MEA accepts the certificate and checks the legal validity of the document by pasting its attestation stamp on the certificate. Once the MEA attestation is completed, the document has to undergo attestation by the embassy of the destination country.  where the applicant wants to visit.

Embassy attestation is the next step after MEA attestation. So, once the documents have undergone MEA attestation, they are sent for the embassy attestation. Regardless of the type of document, all the documents including educational, non-educational,  and commercial certificates are attested by the embassy.

MOFA handles foreign affairs in Gulf countries like Kuwait, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. These countries mandate MOFA attestation as the concluding step in the attestation of all  kinds of documents.

Documents required for Provisional Certificate Attestation

Certain documents need to be forwarded to proceed with Provisional Certificate Attestation. These documents are:

  • Original Provisional Certificate
  • Copy of Passport
  • Photographs
  • Authorization letter (if applicable)


Time required for Provisional Certificate Attestation

Attestation is a complex and time-consuming process. For different documents, the time required for attestation varies. Certain other factors influence the time consumed in the attestation process. The time depends on the destination country for which the document is attested. If the office is busy or burdened with work, it may also cause the processing time to be delayed. The time generally required for such a process is around a week, however, it may be extended to even a month. If you want a speedy Provisional Certificate attestation do not hesitate to contact New India Attestation.

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