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Salary Certificate Attestation in Oman

Salary certificate attestation is one of the important procedures to follow if you make plan to travel to a foreign country. A salary certificate indicates how deserving you are to get a salary hike. Though a salary certificate doesn’t show your financial condition, it may be indicative of your repaying ability. So, to qualify for a loan, you are required to attest your salary certificate.

The salary certificate contains relevant information regarding the job and salary. Details such as the name of the employee, job role, name of the company, and associated details are present in it. Details regarding salary, such as the basic monthly or yearly salary, allowances, incentives, and deductions such as provident fund, ESIC, and insurance.

A salary certificate is the proof of working of an employee in a company for a specific salary for a particular period. An attested salary certificate helps establish the credibility of the certificate when used for official purposes.

Purposes of Salary Certificate Attestation in Oman

Like every other certificate attestation, the attestation of a salary certificate is important especially while visiting a foreign country. If you are a working professional and you want to get paid fairly, you might need to furnish your previous salary details. These details will be available in your salary certificate. This is important if you want to request a loan. There are certain other special purposes for which the attested salary certificate is to be submitted. These purposes include:

  • To pursue higher education
  • To submit to foreign tax authorities
  • For better employment opportunities
  • To get a resident permit
  • For applying for loans
  • For migration purposes

For visa application

Procedure of Salary Certificate Attestation in Oman

Salary Certificate attestation like any other attestation procedure has a standard set of steps to follow. This involves multiple steps of verification by multiple officials. This rigorous procedure enables its acceptance in foreign lands.

Attestation by notaries is the primary procedure in any attestation procedure. Notaries are government authorities to attest any documents. Once the salary certificate is attested by the government appointed notaries, it is proceeded through the next step of attestation. In this step, educational documents are attested by the university and commercial documents are attested by the chamber of commerce.

Attestation by the home department is the next step in the attestation process. This level of attestation is performed by the State Home Department, Human Resource Department or Sub-Divisional Magistrate. Sub-Divisional Magistrate works independently of the State Home Department.

Attestation at this level is done by the Ministry of External Affairs. As Oman is a party of the Hague Convention, it has to undergo apostille instead of attestation. Currently, 106 countries come under the Hague Convention. Apostille is a simple procedure that doesn’t warrant further verification of foreign documents. After thoroughly checking the certificates, affix stamps on it. Once the apostille is done by MEA, the certificate is sent to the Embassy.

In countries that come under the Hague Convention, certificates are forwarded to the Oman Embassy for final attestation.

Documents Needed for Salary Certificate Attestation in Oman

Certain documents are required for every type of attestation. This is the same with Salary Certificate Attestation. Documents needed to submit for Salary Certificate Attestation include:

  • Salary Certificate
  • Copy of Passport
  • Commercial Registration of the company
  • Copy of your computer card
Time taken for Salary Certificate Attestation in Oman

Irrespective of the country to which you are attesting, the attestation process takes some time to complete. The same goes for salary certificate attestation in Oman. Usually, the attestation procedure may take around a week, however, the efficiency of the officials and the rush in the office may cause some delay. This may take even a month to complete the attestation.

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