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Salary Certificate Attestation in Qatar

A salary certificate is one of those certificates which you need to attest if you want to apply for a job in a foreign country like Qatar. This certificate is evidence of your employment status and salary. Salary Certificate Attestation in Qatar is essential if you want to get paid fairly or wish to get a hike in your salary. This certificate is required while applying for visas and loans, and carrying out specific legal proceedings.

The Salary Certificate gives important employment information. These include details such as the employee’s full name, job title, company name, related information, and contact details. This document contains relevant information regarding the salary including the basic monthly or yearly salary, allowances, and bonuses or incentives.

Attestation of salary certificate proves the endorsement by the employer ensuring the employee has been working for the company at a particular post for a specific duration. This is the declaration of approval of salary and employment information establishing the required credibility of the certificate to be used for official purposes.

Purpose of Salary Certificate Attestation in Qatar

A salary certificate is indeed a very important document and its attestation holds very much importance. As the salary certificate shows your monthly earnings, it may be taken as your ability to repay loans or dues. A duly attested certificate proves how deserving you are for a promotion and helps you demand a better salary. The attestation of a salary certificate has various purposes. These include:

  • To get a resident permit
  • For higher education
  • For job opportunities
  • For migration purposes
  • To apply for a Visa 
  • To apply for loans
  • To prove the ability to sponsor foreign students
  • To submit to foreign tax authorities

Process of Salary Certificate Attestation in Qatar

It requires multiple steps of attestation for a Salary Certificate to get attested. These include a preliminary attestation by notaries following the home department, MEA, Embassy and MOFA attestation.

The primary level of attestation is performed by the notaries. Notaries are government appointed officials who are authorized to verify the authenticity of official documents. As the initial step, a Salary Certificate is attested by the Chamber of Commerce. For educational documents, the issuing university can authenticate the document at the initial level.

State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department (HRD), and the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) carry out the State level verification of documents. Though SDM is independent of state government, the attestation by SDM is done parallel to State Government attestation

After the first and second levels of attestation by local notaries and home department the attestation is done by the Ministry of External Affairs. This is the last level of home department attestation. MEA or the Ministry of External Affairs manages the foreign matters of the country and it attaches a stamp once it is satisfied with the genuineness of the documents.

After the External Affairs Ministry, the embassy of Qatar scrutinizes the genuineness of the document. This is the last step in the attestation process for most countries.

MOFA or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the responsibility to handle foreign matters related to Gulf countries. In countries such as Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, MOFA attestation is the next and final process in certificate attestation.

Documents Required for Salary Certificate Attestation:

To conduct certificate attestation certain documents need to be submitted. Below given documents are needed for salary certificate attestation.

  • Salary certificate itself
  • A copy of your passport. 
  • Commercial registration of the company 
  • Computer card copy
Time Required for Salary Certificate Attestation

The time taken for the attestation of a salary certificate depends on the type of document you want to attest. It also depends upon the country for which you want to use the document. If the office is busy or is in an inaccessible area, then the salary certificate might take more time for attestation.

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