Single Status Certificate Attestation in Oman

Single Status Certificate Attestation in Oman

Oman, being an economically well settled country, drawers in many young, dynamic people into their workforce. After college most graduates seek their job abroad, in some middle east country or European country. A larger proportion of those job seekers would be unmarried candidates who focus on setting up their career in a well flourished country. Oman is a perfect place for people who are really into chasing their career dreams. There is an important criteria to consider for every bachelor immigrants who plan to start their career in Oman- Single status certificate attestation. Let us first familiarize the term attestation, it is the process of authenticating any document by a designated officer, a department or an authority with authorised seal and signature. The process certifies that the document was issued from a legitimate authority and the seal and signature imprinted are original. Attestation let you present or submit the document for immigration or any other purpose in Oman.

Attestation has become that important in Oman due to the continuous use of fake documents by people for employment, education, commercial purposes and so on. Fake documents adorn the candidate with qualifications or skills or quality that are not real. Oman do not need those people who fake, and if caught will be punished or abandoned from the country. Attestation is surely a confusing and troublesome process, but the best attestation services can help you with efficient helping hand to get all your documents attested that makes it authentic. Like marriage certificate for those married couples, attestation of single status certificate is important for bachelor individuals who plan to go abroad. Abiding by the Indian regulations that govern marriages, a single status certificate confirms a bachelor that he is permitted to have only one active marriage at one time. The authentic certificate ensures that the document is bonafide and you will not be facing any issue regarding the single status when you marry. So it is important for any bachelor to have their attested single status certificate before marriage.


Attestation procedures for single status certificate

First the certificate has to be attested by Home Department of your state where the certificate was issued from using official seal and signature. This verifies that it was given out from a credible authority and the credentials it hold is genuine. Next, the document should be authenticated by Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi. Every document that has to be used in a foreign country must be attested by MEA in your country. After MEA attestation, the certificate is brought before Oman Embassy for further authentication. Now your document has acquired sufficient authenticity that is required to use the certificate in Oman.

Documents Required

  • Original Certificate
  • Passport Copy
  • Visa Copy
  • Two recent Photographs
  • Authorization letter

When you apply for single status certificate attestation make sure that you provide detail information of you that are accurate, so that there is no unwanted peril during the attestation process. Basic details that you will have to provide accurately include your full name, name of parents, place and date of birth, address, current age, etc. Need to know more about single status certificate attestation? You can have efficient guidance from our experts about all kind of attestation services and procedures.

All those procedures are really time consuming as well as annoying, but don’t worry. You can have smooth and painless attestation services from New India. Our team of professional experts can aid you in getting any kind of attestation services within 7 Indian working days. We are certified, trustworthy firm where all your valuable documents are safe and secured with insurance. Our highly attentive staff can provide you with any kind of queries and respond with precise information without delay. You can also track your documents to know which stage it has reached in attestation process. So no second thoughts, go for New India attestation services in Oman for any kind of authentication services or commercial registration, business setup, PAN card, Visa services in Oman, PCC, translation services in Oman, and more.


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