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Transfer Certificate Attestation in Oman

Transfer Certificate is issued after a student leaves an educational institution after the completion of the course. This certificate gains significance when one student migrates from one institution to another. With a proper Transfer Certificate, the authorities can be assured of the completion of a course by the student.

A transfer certificate is an important academic document containing relevant information about study such as the name of the student, name of the educational institution, admission number, class of study, date of birth, date of leaving, and the reason for leaving.

Importance of Transfer Certificate Attestation in Oman

Attestation plays a significant role while using any kind of document abroad. This is an essential procedure to establish the genuineness of the certificate without further verification. Attestation of Transfer Certificate proves your completion of a course and is a required document to produce when pursuing education or trying to get into a job. Some recruiters demand Transfer Certificate as a mandatory requirement for job consideration.

Process of Transfer Certificate Attestation in Oman

The procedure of transfer certificate attestation is similar to the attestation of any other official documents. The process follows several steps starting from the regional level attestation by notaries. Then following attestation by the State Home Department, MEA and finally ending with the Embassy.

Attestation by notaries is the initial level of attestation. Notaries are government appointed officials who legally verify the documents. Universities perform attestation for educational documents. It is the Chamber of Commerce that carries out commercial document attestation. After the notary level attestation, further attestation is carried out by the Home Department.

Once the notaries attest to the documents, they are forwarded to the Home Department for further attestation. The State Home Department, Human Resource Department, and Sub-divisional Magistrate conduct this level of attestation. Sub-divisional Magistrate operates independently of the State Home Department, however, in certain cases, SDM performs attestation, and its attestation is considered as state level.

After the state level attestation, attestation is done by the MEA. The Ministry of External Affairs handles all the external affairs of a country and hence plays a significant role in attestation. At the MEA level, there are two standard procedures for attestation, these are: Normal attestation and Apostille attestation.

Oman, a signatory of the Hague Convention, follows apostille attestation instead of the normal attestation procedure. MEA affixes the Apostille stamp and seal after thorough verification.

After the MEA Apostille, the Embassy follows attestation of the documents. This is the last step in the attestation for Oman.

Documents Required for Transfer Certificate Attestation in Oman

  • Original Transfer Certificate and its photocopy
  • Passport Copy of the applicant
  • Parent’s Passport Copy & the ID copy of the resident country (For minors)

Authorities may demand additional documents to verify the certificates. Applicants are required to produce photographs too.

Time for Transfer Certificate Attestation in Oman

If everything goes smoothly, transfer Certificate Attestation in Oman requires anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks. However, issues related to the attestation procedure and operational efficiency of the attestation office and officials may cause delays. This may cause the process to extend to a month.

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