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Transfer Certificate Attestation in UAE

If you are a young, vibrant person thinking of moving to the United Arab Emirates for higher educational purposes opens exciting doors for students who want to pursue their dream careers. However, navigating the official document requirements might be challenging. For use in the UAE, you will require your transfer certificate, which has been properly authenticated.

A transfer certificate is required for all students who want to get admission from grade 2 to grade 12. Is a vital document required for school admissions

What is Transfer Certificate Attestation in UAE?

A transfer certificate is a scholastic lifeline that is granted at the request of a student when they attempt to leave their current educational institution. This certificate contains important academic information about the student. Attestation entails having this document certified by authorized entities in the UAE to certify its legitimacy and legal validity.These are follows:

  • Full Name
  • School/College Name
  • Admission Number
  • Class
  • Date of Birth(DOB)
  • Date of Leaving
  • Reason for Leaving

Importance of Transfer Certificate Attestation in UAE

The primary goal of transfer certificate attestation in the UAE is to ensure that documents are recognised in foreign countries. It provides physical proof of one’s educational credentials, facilitating a smooth transition for students and professionals relocating to new institutions and looking for new career prospects. Certain recruiters require transfer certifications before issuing an employment visa.

It is necessary to certify your transfer certificate for several kinds of reasons:

Certificate attestation is required for admission to universities in the UAE. International students must ensure that their academic qualifications are properly recognised and verified in order to be admitted.

Attested documents are required for all student visa applications in the UAE. These verifications are used by immigration officials to authenticate your academic credentials and verify that you meet the eligibility criteria for studying in the nation.

Obtaining an attested transfer certificate is sometimes required for school enrollment in the UAE, particularly after a transferring student has been admitted. This document serves as official certification of your student’s previous academic record, allowing the new school to assess their progress and placement.

Documents Required for Transfer Certificate Attestation in UAE

Essential Documents Required for the Transfer Certificate Attestation in the UAE are as follows

  • Original country-issued Transfer Certificate.
  • Passport Copy 
  • Passport copy of  parents’ passport ( If Minor)
  • Authorization Letter(If Required)


KHDA TC from a previous/current school

Another Emirate in the UAE

  • TC with school stamp and signature (in Arabic only)
  • Attestation from the Ministry of Education of the Emirate where the institution is located

Can I attest my transfer certificate in the UAE if I am unable to do so in the Home country of issue?

Although TCs can be authenticated within the UAE, it is important to remember that this service is not provided by all embassies. If you intend to complete the attestation process in the UAE, please contact the relevant Embassy prior to your move.

The following are the attestation requirements:

Transfer Certificate with signature and school seal – Embassy attestation from country of issue (United Arab Emirates)

Procedure for Transfer Certificate Attestation in UAE

To attest a transfer certificate in the UAE, the candidate must have both the original and a duplicate of the certificate. A passport copy is needed. If the certificate holder is underage, the paperwork needs to be provided along with a copy of the parent’s passport.. The various steps involved in transfer certificate attestation in the UAE are

The transfer certificate is notarized for the first time by a public notary to certify its legitimacy, which includes the issuing authority’s signature, stamp, and seal. This is the initial level of verification. Our professional team members at Notary Public Dubai are skilled in managing your valuable documents.

We handle all aspects of the attestation process, so you can relax. We are here to assist you in obtaining attestations from all embassies and other relevant departments.

Following notarization, the certificate is handed to the relevant state’s Home Department for further examination and certification. Submit your transfer certificate, along with any required payments and the application form.

After being certified by the Home Department, the transfer certificate goes to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for attestation. The MEA examines the document and, if satisfied, applies the MEA stamp and seal.

The final phase is to submit the certificate to the UAE embassy for certification. This stage authorizes the use of the transfer certificate in the country where it will be used for official purposes.

Timeframe for Transfer Certificate Attestation in UAE

The time for transfer certificate attestation in UAE varies based on the issuing country’s requirements, the effectiveness of the relevant authorities, and other considerations. The attestation procedure might take anywhere from a few days to many weeks.

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