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Language is a refined tool humans created to communicate with each other. Though language connects people, it creates a division between people of different geographical locations. This barrier can be overcome by translation.

Translation may seem like an easy process, especially for multilingual people. However, translation is often smeared with semantic, rhetorical, and sociolinguistic issues. Translation also suffers from a loss of meaning by adhering to rigidity. Yevgeny Yevtushenko, a Russian poet, said Translation is like a woman! It is not faithful if it is lovely. It is most certainly not beautiful if it is faithful.

As the quote suggests, translation cannot completely justify the original content. However, it should be balanced enough to accurately convey the original intent of the message. Translation from one language to another must be done with utmost care and attention so that the soul of the message shouldn’t be lost.

Translation is a painstaking process. It requires as much time and effort as an original piece of content requires. With an exact word-to-word translation, the very essence of the writing will be missed. Translation often has to go through recreation to attain perfection.

The process of translation is more difficult when it comes to professional documents. Financial technical and medical translation demands subject knowledge and awareness of the subtle nuances of the source and target language. Linguistic prowess is essential to retain the intended meaning.

It is advisable to partner with translation service providers for better translation. Professional translation agencies can help you get services that help with the translation of a wide array of documents such as educational documents, legal agreements and technical papers. They may also have translation services available over a range of different language pairs.

Professional translation services include the translation of a number of significant documents.

Different Translation Services

  • Technical Document Translation Services
  • Scientific Language Translation Services
  • Legal Translation Services
  • Medical Translation Services
  • Financial Translation Services
  • Advertising and Marketing Translation Services
  • Website Translation Services
  • Media and Entertainment Translation Services
  • Localization services

Technical Translation Services

Technical translation is the translation of documents that are written on specific topics using terminologies related to that specific field. Translation of technical documents is extremely important and relevant in today’s global scenario. Translators of technical documents require in-depth knowledge of relevant fields along with proficiency in the language.

As technical translation includes a wide range of domains such as Scientific translation, medical translation, media translation, legal translation and financial translation, interdisciplinary knowledge is demanded from translators. Usually, this kind of translation is relatively tougher than other forms of translation and requires expertise and experience to provide quality output.

Technical documents that require translation are:
  • Patents
  • Health and safety documents
  • User manuals and maintenance instructions
  • Catalogs
  • Knowledge bases
  • Technical Reports
  • Product descriptions 
  •  Software strings

Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation is the professional translation of legal documents from one language to another language. It is said to be one of the most difficult types of translation. Translation of legal documents is intended to communicate accurate legal information between individuals, firms and government offices. To maintain the accuracy of the content, the translator should possess in-depth knowledge of legal concepts and terminologies.

Legal documents often use complicated language to express complex and delicate information and the translator should also have experience, proficiency and a good grasp of the source and target languages. Knowledge of the legal system of the target country is also essential. Appropriate legal translation is decisive in bilateral discussions, negotiations and international litigations.

Various legal documents may require translation. These include:
  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Bonds
  • Pledges
  • Patents
  • Treaties
  • Pacts
  • Lease
  • Conventions
  • Loans
  • Settlements
  • Will
Medical Translation Services

As more and more medical practitioners are serving patients from different geographical locations, the relevance of medical translation is increasing. To communicate clearly and prescribe the right medication, translation services are of great help. Medical translation is essential in examining the medical records and test results of the patients and understanding medical conditions to make informed decisions regarding treatment. 

An error in medical translation may prove fatal to the health of patients. So, even the slightest mistake is unacceptable in medical translation. Medical translation involves content stuffed with medical terminology that is difficult to comprehend by most people.Therefore, medical translators should be capable of understanding the information and proficient enough to read and write in the target language to deliver accurate translation of the content without changing the meaning.

Medical translation includes the translation of content related to medical drugs, devices, certificates, medical history, treatment reports, hospital documents and records of clinical research. Medical documents contain confidential and delicate personal information which is instrumental in medical administration.

Medical documents that generally require translation are:
  • Laboratory Reports
  • Client’s Medical History 
  • Prescriptions 
  • Clinical Study Reports
  • Scientific Research
  • Pathology Report
  • Equipment manuals
Financial Translation Services

Businesses around the world operating on an international level increasingly rely upon financial translation services for their operations. Financial translation includes the translation of financial documents and reports. This kind of translation is usually done by individuals having experience and knowledge of financial matters. Financial translation is essential to communicate important matters pertaining to finance in multiple languages to clients, regulatory bodies and different stakeholders.

Financial translation is highly important and firms cannot afford even the slightest of mistakes. A single comma, a zero or a misplaced word can make unintended changes to your document which may cause huge financial losses, lawsuits or unwarranted delays.

Numerous key financial documents related to insurance, banking, investment and other financial institutions require translation. These include:

  • Balance sheets
  • Bank statements
  • Cash flow statements
  • Income statements
  • Tax returns
  • Loan agreements
  • Tax reports
  • Tender letters
  • Business plans
  • Insurance policies
  • Annual reports
  • Credit receipts
  • Prospectuses
  • Invoices
  • Terms and conditions
  • Financial contracts
  • Equities
  • Bonds
  • Audit reports

Translation is essential to communicate effectively overcoming language barriers. Its importance is ever increasing with the growth of international businesses and trade. However, it is not an easy task, especially when you deal with multiple language pairs for translating technical document.s. If you want accurate translation of key documents avail of translation services.

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