A Complete Certificate Attestation Guide for HR Professionals

A Complete Certificate Attestation Guide for HR Professionals

The Human Resource Manager will be responsible for various HR and administrative duties including mobilisation, recruitment, strategic planning, welfare, and training. An HR Department in an organisation needs to ensure smooth induction for new employees and the management team of your organisation alike, when bringing new employees on board. The documents of the expat can assist you with employee induction process, but those documents must be attested to use them in any organization in UAE. Attestation of documents are mandatory in UAE for any candidate seeking job, studies, business set up, tour or settlement. Attestation is the process of legalizing a document by an authorised person, authority or a department using seal and signature. This process ensures that the document was issued from a legitimate institution or authority and that the seal and signature imprinted on it are genuine. Only then the documents can be used in UAE for employment, education, visa, or any other services in the country. Here are the steps involved in attestation procedures in UAE:


Confirmation of Documentation Requirements

  • The candidate should submit University degree/qualification requirements for a job position on the Residency Permit of UAE in your organisation OR all the required documents for sponsored spouses and children such as marriage certificate and birth certificate.
  • All the documents of the expat must be confirmed with your Public Relations Officer (PRO)


Confirmation for Attestation Requirements

  • Build the requirement for Attestation, Keep in mind the importance of it and make your expat realise its relevance.
  • Make confirmation about what level the document need to be attested on order to accept for the Work Permit Application at the UAE Ministry of Labour.
  • Every documents and its attestation need to be confirmed with your Public Relations Officer (PRO)

Understanding the Time frame

  • The time required for document attestation in UAE varies with the level of attestation required, the document type and also the issuing country.
  • Some expat docs require level 2 attestation that includes UAE Embassy Stamp from issuing country that may range from 15 to 30 working days depending on the document type and the issuing country.
  • Some Docs may need level 3 attestation, which includes validation from UAE MOFA and level 4- legal translation for the Expat in order to ensure the genuinity of the document.

Cost of Attestation

  • Based on the level of attestation and the issuing country the cost will also vary. Some documents may require HRD attestation, some need not; some other needs MOFA attestation and other don’t need it, this depends upon the type of document for attestation.
  • For more details about specific certificate attestation in UAE visit our website: www.newindiaattestation.com

The attestation requirements for the ex-pat documents need to be communicated with your potential employees during the hiring process itself, to ensure no delays in the employment procedures. New India is the most reliable attestation service in UAE that can aid you in education certificate attestation in UAE, marriage certificate attestation in UAE, birth certificate attestation in UAE, commercial registration in UAE, Visa services in UAE, Passport services in UAE, and many more.


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