Health Care in Qatar and Medical Certificate Attestation

Health Care in Qatar and Medical Certificate Attestation

Qatar is a developed country which continues to flourish in every sectors. It is excellent in technology, education, business, medical resources and skills. Qatar is the best at networking globally and is highly ambitious in their missions for their country which is evident by their investment programs in health, education and environment. The country is quoted as politically stable, no health care threats. There are different ways to arrange private health care insurance.

The health insurance scheme of Qatar provides insurance for all people in the country. This forms a key part of National Health Strategy and also the overall National Vision of Qatar. The global initiative calling for universal health coverage was due to the introduction of social health care insurance schemes put out by Qatar that inspired UN and WHO to call for its member countries to provide universal health care.

If you have to acquire government health insurance or health cards, Hamad Medical Corporation is the government run, non- profit health care provider in Qatar. The services can be received by the citizens and residents of Qatar at low rate from HMC clinics and hospitals. These services can be obtained by using the government issued Health Card. After your residence visa has been processed, you are eligible to apply for health card at Health Card Office in any HMC hospital. If you’ve moved in to Qatar you still can visit HMC hospitals or clinics though you did not receive the Health Card yet. Doctors will attend anyone who are in need of medical attention, though you are not eligible for subsidised rates for health services.

Private Healthcare

There are also private healthcare facilities in the country along with public health care system. The private health care facilities adhere to the national standards that has been adopted by the Supreme Council of Health, but not covered under Health Card. The National Health Insurance scheme launched by Qatar is available for only nationals but subsequently, get covered to every expatriates. For private medical care, private insurance is a must. All the private hospitals and clinics in Qatar are too expensive which you may not be able to meet without health insurance. Qatar has lots of international as well as local health insurance providers who are always ready to offer comprehensive health coverage based on your needs. Many companies provides insurance for their employees, they are provided with plans tailored to the needs of the employee from basic to premier and regional to international coverage.

Paediatric and Neonatal Healthcare

The paediatric care in Qatar is well organised and streamlined. They provide immunisation programme run by the Supreme Council of Health that covers all vaccinations a child needs till he/she reaches six. The immunisation program offers effective vaccinations against 12 diseases. HGH is the main children’s health care unit in Qatar that is been run by government. Every babies born in Qatar receives a vaccination card that list the vaccination schedule that should be taken at time. Those babies born outside Qatar must have records of all immunisations that are the baby have already received along with the birth certificate to get a Qatar vaccination card.


If you are planning to take medical insurance or seek aid for healthcare in Qatar, you are required to produce relevant documents such as a medical certificate, birth certificate, visa, and more. Any documents which is issued in another country and that have to be used in Qatar, need to be legalized through attestation procedures. This is compulsory for all nationalists other than Qatar to prove their genuinity. Attestation is the process of validating a document by an authorised person, authority or a department using seal and signature and verifying its credibility. For this, you may reach out services for Medical certificate attestation in Qatar, Birth certificate attestation in Qatar, and other attestation services in Qatar.

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