All You Need To Know About Death Certificate Attestation in Oman

All You Need To Know About Death Certificate Attestation in Oman

Death is inevitable. There’s no saying when a person can leave his /her loved ones. And regardless of how good both your health and wealth are, sometimes there’s just no stopping death when it approaches a person. Some people overcome the grief of losing a loved one after a few years. And some are hardly able to overcome the grief at all. Regardless of how people move on with their lives, the pain still lies there deep within their hearts. But like they say, life goes on.

Whatever it may be, legal formalities aren’t meant to hurt a person’s feelings but are instead done to ensure the safety and security of other specific matters. In this case, we’ll tell you more about the death certificate attestation in Oman.

What Is A Death Certificate?

The death certificate is an official document issued by the government, which declares the cause fo death, location of death, time of death and also other personal information about the deceased.

Why Is The Death Certificate Required?

Some of the reasons why a death certificate is necessary are as follows –

  • It is required to serve as proof for legal purposes like –
  • Accessing pension benefits
  • Claiming life insurance
  • Settling estates
  • Remarriage for a widow/widower to prove that their previous partner is deceased
  • Arrangements for  a funeral

Secondary Reasons

  • For government officials to review the cause of death during the investigation to determine if there was foul play.
  • Public health officials use the death certificates to compile data on various statistics like leading causes of death.
  • Before issuing the death certificate, authorities usually require a signature from a physician or coroner to validate the cause of death & the identity of the deceased. Upon signing the death certificate, local authorities will issue a certification of disposition or remains also called the burial or cremation permit.

What Is Death Certificate Attestation

Death certification attestation is an obligatory method required while going to obtain the benefits mentioned int the will of the deceased person from any aborad nation. The attestation of the death certificate is categorized as a non-educational certificate attestation.

In order to apply the death certificate in any international field, the document needs to undergo a certificate attestation process.

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The Need For Death Certificate Attestation

The primary aim of the attestation procedure is to prove the person mentioned in the death certificate is no longer alive. Other reasons include –

  • For insurance claim purposes
  • For requirements involved in selling a property

What Are The Requirements For Death Certificate Attestation

The following documents need to be submitted in order to begin the death certificate attestation process –

  • Original certificate
  • Passport copy of the deceases
  • Passport size photos of the individual

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The Attestation  Process

In order to affirm the validity of a death certificate, the embassy officials will affix a seal or check on the certificate. The affirmation process can later be used to prove that the submitted death certificate has been indeed submitted from the referenced division. Moreover, it ensures that the submitted death certificate has been provided from the referenced division and also ensures the sign or check that is attached to the certificate is legitimate or not.

The Procedure of Death Certificate Attestation

State Home Department

The verification of death certificate or personal documents are carried out by the State Home Department. The State Home Department is restricted to performing verification for the personal documents and only the officials appointed here are the ones allowed to attest these documents

Ministry of External Affairs

The MEA or the Ministry of External Affairs is the next stage of certification from the home government after which an MEA stamp is applied onto the document. The MEA is the central authorization that deals with the external affairs of the country.

SDM Attestation

The Sub-divisional magistrate is some times considered an alternative for the Home Department and in some cases for the HRD as well/ However some authorities strictly prefer HRD attestation. the sub-divisional magistrate is the standalone of the main state government and functions separately.

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