Know about Certificate Attestation Procedure in Bahrain!

Know about Certificate Attestation Procedure in Bahrain!

Bahrain is a beautiful country located between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. A famous Mesquite tree called “Tree of Life” which is 400 years old is one of the peculiarities of Bahrain. It is also known for scorching summer with a temperature beyond 45 degree-celsius. By being one of the fast developing nations, Bahrain has been identified by the World Bank as a high income economy. This blog explains you about the certificate attestation procedure in Bahrain briefly and clears all your doubts about attestation process.

Education Certificate Attestation

Education documents mainly include certificates like diploma certificate, degree certificate, school leaving certificate, and all certificates issued by the school, college, private, educational institute or university etc. Attestation is a must factor if you are planning to move abroad.

  • Copy of original degree certificate.
  • Copy of original passport.
Attestation Procedures
    • Notary Certificate Attestation

This attestation is of two types, they are district notary attestation and state notary attestation. Only after getting attestation from notary you can submit certificate before concerned home department for attestation.

    • Home Department Attestation

This is an essential part of attestation. It is known as Norka attestation in Kerala. It should be done for getting Indian Embassy attestation. After completing its procedures the certificate will be forwarded to ministry of external Affairs and Embassy Attestation.

    • Ministry of External Affairs

Prior to the submission of the concerned Embassy Ministry of External Affairs should attest all the certificates issued in any state in India. They attest all type of commercial certificates, educational certificate, and non education certificates.

    • Bahrain Embassy

You can submit the certificates to Embassy attestation after getting successful attestation from MEA. For official purpose in Bahrain, this is the attestation done for. If the certificates are already attested by MEA, the embassy will attest all educational and non educational and commercial document.

    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This is the final step of attestation which is done after all other attestation procedures. This done when the candidate reaches Bahrain.

15 Indian working days is the time taken to complete this whole process.

Salary Certificate Attestation

Salary certificate is the certificate provided the concerned organisation to verify the employment of a person in the organisation with full details of salary, position, duties, and employment period.

Requirement for Salary Certificate Attestation
  • Candidate must possess a salary certificate on company letter head.
  • It should be signed only by the authorised signatory.
  • Must possess a computer card copy.
  • Candidate should have a commercial registration copy.
  • Must have a copy of passport.
  • Should have a copy of original I.D card.
Attestation Procedure for Salary Certificate
  • Attestation from Chamber of Commerce.
  • Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Indian Embassy Attestation.

This whole procedures of salary certificate attestation takes almost 3 Indian working days.

Certificate Attestation in Bahrain

Experience Certificate Attestation

This will be in letter form which is written by the employer on the behalf of an employee to confirm the time the employee was associated with the company. It conveys the most basic work ethics and strengths of the individual to his future employers.

Requirement for Experience Certificate Attestation
  • Candidate should possess an experience certificate on company letter head.
  • It should be signed by the authorised signatory.
  • Applicant must have a copy of original passport.
  • Candidate must have a copy of I.D.
  • Applicant should bring commercial registration copy.
Attestation Procedure for Experience Certificate
  • Attestation from Chamber of Commerce.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affair Attestation.
  • Attestation from concerned embassy.

These whole experience certificate attestation process takes almost 3 Indian working days.

Transfer Certificate Attestation

Transfer certificate is the document or certificate issued by university or concerned authority after finishing studies or else if you want to change from one organisation to another. It is also known as migration certificate.

Requirements for Transfer Certificate
  • Applicant should have transfer certificate with Principal’s signature.
  • Should possess passport copy of the father.
  • Must have a copy of I.D card of the father.
Attestation Procedure for Transfer Certificate
  • Attestation starts from the Ministry of Education.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the second type of attestation.
  • Third, comes attestation from concerned Embassy.

Total time period required for transfer certificate attestation procedure is just 3 Indian working days.

Non-Education Certificate Attestation

Birth, death, marriage etc come under this category.

  • Original copy of marriage certificate/ birth certificate.
  • Passport copy of husband and wife (Marriage certificate).
  • Passport copy of father and child (Birth certificate).

Procedures are as same as mentioned above and this process takes 7 Indian working days.

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